We Love Arts!

10 Things About 'We Love Arts' that you guys should know:

1. It's an open group on Facebook.

2. It's for everyone. I repeat, EVERYONE. Because we believe, everyone has the artistic side in them, no matter what they do.

3. This group has so many admins haha.

4. When you become a member, you can apply for an e-membership card! Like the one I have above, thanks to Syarafi and Adam ^_^.

5. All the members are absolutely brilliant! Friendly and helpful, I say. You don't have to be afraid of being shoved aside or anything. They are always there to guide you (ececehh).

6. You are free to post links to your blog, upload photos or artworks or even videos from Youtube on our wall. 

7. HOWEVER, we do not like SPAM or irrelevant things that touch sensitive issues such as politics, religion and racism. Big no-no people :|

8. We are all very cute ha ha (dah mula taktau nak cakap pasal apa :P)

9. Not to mention our creativity in every aspect, especially in making typos in our comments (ni macam cakap pasal diri sendiri je >.<)

10. Oh, if you have any questions regarding stuff such as blogging tips, where to download things like Photoshop or other softwares, and even how to create doodles using MS Excel, you can rely on our trusty members. We have all sorts of people here, and we have a lot of excellent ones too! 

Therefore, you are welcomed to become one of us! Do drop by, people. Just search for 'welovearts' on Facebook or click ]here[. Don't forget to add us okay :D

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