The Hungry Luna

(This is part 2 from my post: Lupin Who Ran Away From Prison)

Lupin and Luna escaped the town that midnight with knowledge that the Empire men were already close on their heels. They would have to increase their length of travels a day in order to maintain the pace they were going in or they would get caught in no less than a day.

“It seems that the Empire men have been ordered to lessen their sleeps and breaks since the past few days. We’re in big trouble if we don’t do the same.” Lupin said as they left the little town a few miles behind them. Luna’s heart had not stopped thumping since the moment they left their little attic inn.

She did not how he managed to get them, but Lupin had given her a bow and a dozen arrows to protect herself with. It was not much of a use really, for she did not know how to string a bow at all. But Lupin had promised to teach her how to use them whenever they have a chance.

They travelled until early morning eastwards across the sandy plains of Ilirath, struggling against the dry coldness and fighting their tiredness. Luna, although much unhappy she was, tried her best not to whine and sulk along that journey. She was no less irritated with the fact that she had to lessen her sleep now that the Empire men were closing the gap between them, but she did not want to get captured and locked up in a dungeon as well.

Morn quickly crept into noon, and noon slowly turned to dusk, Luna thought both her legs would fall off any moment. She had completely emptied her waterskin and her tongue was as dry as the desert that they were walking on.  

“Can’t we at least stop to sit for awhile? Every part of me is tired sick and I’m thirsty!” she grumbled, finally unable to contain her discomfort any longer. Lupin simply glanced towards her, looking as tired but determined to continue with the journey.

“I’ve told you there wouldn’t be any source of fresh water for about three days on this path. We’re going through pure dry desert here and you had to be foolish and empty your waterskin on the first length of the journey!” Lupin replied a little angrily. Luna felt guilty for that but she was still very tired and hungry.

“Well, can’t we stop to eat then? I’ve never went through a journey this long without anything to eat. I’m starving!”

“You can always eat and walk.”

“But that’s inappropriate!”

“You must remember that the Empire men are going on horseback, which means they are travelling much faster than us. Since we don’t have that convenience, we must at least try to outlast them for a few hours or so. That, too, won’t give us any hope of gaining a little distance if not more, so we must keep going.”

Luna was furious, but she kept quiet. The better side of her told herself that he was right. However, she was still very tired and thirsty and hungry, so the unhappy, bad-tempered side of her took control. She thought he was being completely selfish and inconsiderate. Quietly, she took out a packet of pastry from her sack and munched on it devouringly, not even bothering to offer Lupin some. 

They continued walking for the next few hours until it was almost midnight again. Luna almost slept while walking, and she could no longer feel her legs. It was as if she was walking by instinct. 

As they reached a grassy area among the sandy stretch of panorama that did not seem to end, Lupin finally decided they should stop to rest. Luna sat and stretched her sore limbs and body. One more day she swear she would go paralyzed. 

"We will rest, but we must be on the move before dawn. First things first, let me teach you to use the bow." he said after quaffing down half of the water from his waterskin. Luna watched him with a frown. 

"No way, I'm too tired to even lift my arms!" she said. 

"Stop being childish! What's wrong with you?! All of a sudden you're so frail, and we've traveled all this way across the empire. Come on, it'll be a quick one."

Regardless of how thirsty and tired she was, she grudgingly obeyed and practiced her archery skills. It was a good thing too that she did, because she immediately learned that she was horrible at it. Lupin, slightly fatigued and hungry, patiently taught her how to string the bow and how to correctly aim at something. They used a lone gum tree as their target but Luna kept flinging the arrows all about.

As one of her arrows fell a few inches away from her feet, Luna became fed up and stomped her way back to the grassy patch of land. 

"I'm not in the mood for this. I want to sleep." she grumbled angrily as she lay her head down onto her sack. Lupin sighed and sat nearby, resting his head and back onto a large rock and slowly fell into half-sleep. 

(Again, I might or might not continue this story. For now, end of part 2)



Taktaulah kenapa lagu ni addictive sangat. Dah tak boleh buang dari otak. Kuroneko tu nama henfon aku. Kan? Macam budak-budak je nak bagi-bagi nama dekat barang kepunyaan. Tapi sejak bila ntah, bagi nama dekat barang ni macam habit bagi aku. Atleast nama phone aku kali ni cool sikit lah, Kuroneko. Phone lama aku yang berwarna pink tu aku bagi nama dekat dia Baby. LOL. Lepastu mungkin dia rebel, baru seminggu guna dah problem TROLLOLOL.

Jadi sekarang aku dah ada ringtone baru dan aku gembira. Aku tau ramai lagi yang suka namakan barang-barang masing-masing, sebab macam comel kan kalau kita cakap "Hai Busuk Ku Sayang, apa khabar harini?" dekat bantal busuk kita walaupun dia tak boleh jawab pun. Lagi pulak kalau nama bantal busuk tu Busuk Ku Sayang, lagi power. Nama aku pun ada dua perkataan je. Last-last kawan-kawan sefakulti panggil aku Tiq je LOL.

Dan lagi, aku hilang earphone beberapa minggu yang lalu seperti yang aku bebelkan dalam selang dua tiga entri sebelum ni. Nama dia Jupiter. Nama taknak kalah. Sukati aku lah kan haha. Lepastu mungkin dia tak suka aku kot, dia decide untuk pergi tinggalkan aku, hilang macam tu aje. Sampai sekarang tak jumpa. Aku tahu aku tak misplace dia. Aku ingat kali terakhir aku pegang dia pun masa aku packing nak balik rumah ibubapa dari rumah sewa. Aku masukkan dia dalam beg masatu. Lepastu terus tak pernah nampak dah. Sobs.

Sekarang aku dah ada baru dah. Nama dia Venus. Cantik. Tapi aku kedekut, taknak tunjuk dekat siapa-siapa.

Semua nama-nama yang aku bagi dekat barang-barang kesayangan aku semua ada makna tersirat. Bukanlah makna macam Atiqah tu erti dia penyayang dan pintar acewah. Tapi nama-nama tu ada sebab kenapa nama dia macam tu. Sekian terima kasih. 


Roti kosong cicah susu pekat

Hari ni aku belajar satu pengajaran hidup yang penting untuk semua orang: Jangan mudah percaya cakap orang, dan selagi boleh kau carilah kesahihan dari sumber primer.



Tau tak apa benda tu?

Itu perkara menyampahkan. Perkara yang terjadi akibat salah diri sendiri. Walaupun terdapat kekeliruan komunikasi, aku rasa lebih bagus salahkan diri sendiri. Jadi lihat lah, aku sekeping roti lagi sekali.

Roti planta lembik berkulat simpan dalam tupperware letak bawah almari.

Kenapa letak bawah almari?

Aku pun tak tahu kenapa. Mungkin sebab bawah almari tu ada mentadak.

Sammy Simorangkir ni suara dia seksi sebenarnya. Walaupun aku dah lama suka suara dia, tapi aku baru tahu nama dia Sammy Simorangkir. Sebab selama ni dia bergerak dalam band yang bernama Kerispatih. Dan dia vokalis bersuara seksi itu. Ya. Aku harap selain piano, dia pandai jugak main cello. Hihik.

Tapi sebenarnya FT Island ada album baru. Twenty. Nama album tu yang Twenty. Jadi aku gembira sikit. 

Eh, aku ni roti yang bising sebenarnya kan? Bye.


Lewat semalam







Tak pernah ada kita. 

Mungkin ada sayang.

Tapi takkan ada kita.


Aku bahagia.

"Aku sayang kau macam adik sendiri."

Aku senyum. 

Itupun cukup.

Itu yang aku mahu.

Aku bahagia.

Saje nak jiwang. Takde sebab pun. Bukan kisah benar. Sekian.


Happy Birthday Fara Fiqa!

Special birthday doodle for my beloved cousin that I always remember, Nurfarah Afiqah.

Happy birthday babe, may all your wishes come true and success lean kindly upon you like a welcoming guest. Am looking forward till the day we meet. Let's have a blessed 21 as well as a blissful one!


Listen to me

Listen, now, to everything that I am about to say.
See here, you cannot really hear anything.
Notice how I am saying this but I am making no sound?
Do you realize how you are still listening to me?

Talk to me, tell me what you think.
Can you break this barrier, send to me your speech?
I am here, but I do not hear a thing.
I listen, but I hear bright black colours.

Listen and hear, they are two different things.
Talk and speak, they might mean the same.
But words, you will never know
when you should stop to listen, or to see instead.

My mind has been blown. Instead of finding out more about paradoxes and oxymorons, I found out about spoonerism and rebus puzzles and palindromes as well. Which has nothing to do with my poetry assignment. I am also officially stripped off the rest of the will and spirit I have in me. I am not lazy. I am, well, maybe a bit lazy. But I am mostly uninterested. The psychology tests did not surprise me. I know most of the things they tell about me, and I disagree with some facts here and there. But I am mostly iron and flame. I am a dangerously negative person. Beware.


Lupin Who Ran Away From Prison

"Where did you get all that?" Lupin asked, obviously referring to the whole bundle of bread, buns, cheese, pastry and pie that Luna packed into her sack. The green-eyed girl with night black hair looked back at him with a sour expression.

"Do I look like I just raided a bakery shop to you?" she retorted. He was about to answer "Yes" before the more rational part of his mind stopped him. She did not seem like she was in a good mood. There was the grim air hanging all over her, and a scowl decorated her expression like an obvious painting. 

"That's gonna slow us down. We can't afford to get caught at this rate." he replied. He took out a map of that part of the land and started scanning the surrounding terrains. They were currently hiding in Starda, a little town in the west parts of Ilirath. He had calculated that the men from the empire would at least arrive in about two days. The longer they stay, the bigger the chance of them getting caught. 

"We have been on the run for weeks now. It's been a long time since I last ate proper food. You should remember that it is your fault I got dragged into all this!" Luna said accusingly, adding another packet of pastry and bun into her sack. Lupin did not seem disturbed by her remarks. He continued on devising his escape plan for tonight. He decided it was safer to leave the town when everybody else was already sound asleep and the army men would not be hot on their trail. 

"Look, we will leave at midnight using the west bridge. The road over there is less guarded. I noticed when I went to survey the surroundings this morning that the patrols don't go by the west part of town much. We should be able to leave town unnoticed." he said firmly, his eyes unmoved from the map. Luna's jaw tightened. 

For the last four weeks, Luna's life took an abrupt turn and transformed whatsoever. From a simple country girl hardly turning heads wherever she went, she became the most wanted criminal of the empire. It was all because of this man; Lupin. 

About five weeks earlier, she found him stranded nearby a riverside, badly wounded and unconscious. Sympathizing his condition, Luna took him to her home where she lived with her mother and a brother, and nursed him. He claimed that he had been attacked by a ferocious beast in the woods while he was hunting. Lupin was slowly recovering until the end of that week, when he suddenly barged into the house one morning from a stroll, sweaty and panicking. Mother was out buying some flour and milk to make bread while brother was playing at the forest behind their house with his friends. Luna was all alone when he said "Someone's coming for me. If anybody knocks on your door and asks if you've seen a man with a detailed explanation of my traits, tell them you know nothing." 

"What did you do?" she asked. 

"I have no time to explain. Just do as I say, and everything will be fine." he replied quickly and disappeared into her brother's room. At the same moment, someone was already rapping on the wooden front door of the small house.

Everything from then happened so fast. Luna believed that it had been her nervous expression that gave his cover away, but before she could do anything, the men clad in silver coat and armor with the red and gold symbol of the empire printed on their chests were already marching inside her house and inspecting all the rooms. There was a small fight and a commotion, and soon after they were already on the run. They escaped towards the forest behind her house and they ran from there eastwards to where they are now.

Luna had learned a lot about this man since then. She had been very shocked and disturbed when she first knew that he was an assassin who had broke away from prison. She had regretted saving his life at that time and wished she had just left him to die by the riverside. However, he kept on insisting that she did not know anything about him, so she believed that there was more to that prison-break story that he did not tell her about.

Lupin finished revising his escape route, rolled up the map and tucked it inside his leather vest. "You better have some rest. It's going to take about six days until we reach the city of Gregis. There won't be a lot of grasslands and rivers along the way, so it would be wise if we throw away unnecessary weight." he uttered meaningfully, referring still to her sackful of pastry, bread and pies.

"Well I beg to differ. I do not want to collapse out of hunger when we don't find any streams or waterhole later on." she replied sourly, suddenly feeling hatred swelling up inside her chest. 

"If you're a criminal, why didn't we just steal a couple of horses instead of wasting our energy travelling by foot? Wouldn't that have saved a lot of our time as well?" she continued a little angrily. Lupin sat on a chair nearby the iron fireplace in the middle of the room and took out a leather bound book from his own sack. The small room he rented was more of an attic, but he did not mind. It was only for one night, and they would be gone by midnight that very day. 

"That would be utter foolery there, young lady. Instead of having two people to feed, in which one of them having such a great big appetite for such a small person, we would then have two beasts to look after. Plus, stealing them would prove to be not much of a help to our reputation either. I might be a wanted criminal, but I am no thief." he said dryly, but with a point. Luna did not want to agree with him, but what he said was true. She sat on the bed silently, swallowing back the angry words playing at the tip of her tongue. 

After a moment of silence, Lupin looked up from the book he was reading and gazed towards Luna. He scanned her carefully as if a soldier might towards a prisoner. Luna could feel his eyes all over her, which made her stomach churn.

"What's wrong with you, really? You've been very unhappy lately." he asked.

Luna wasn't sure if he was honestly concerned or was it just another curious question. "Lately? I have been utterly unhappy since the day I left home. How kind of you to only notice after a month!" she replied sarcastically. 

"No, as a matter of fact I did notice all along. That is why I notice now that your unhappiness has grown into absolute grief and mourn since earlier this week. You have become very cranky and whiny and weak." said Lupin pointedly. The anger inside her swelled even more to those words, and she stood up and traced her steps across the room, arms crossed, looking even as cross as ever.

"What do you expect? I've been abducted by a villain, accused as being an accomplice and forced to set out on an aimless journey across the lands like a helpless hunted prey, and you expect me to cheer and sing merrily to my fate? That is absurd!" she exclaimed impatiently. The skirt of her dark blue dress ruffled and twirled as she walked back and forth between the bed and the window. "If it pleases you to know, I am homesick and extremely tired of everything. I never get enough rest nowadays and I can't even have proper food! What have I done to deserve all this?!" she grumbled.

Lupin tore his gaze away from Luna and towards the dancing flames inside the iron fireplace. He let out a heavy sigh before he answered "I thought so, but I know that is not all. However, though, you must remember that whatever you're going through, I am experiencing just the same thing as well. Do not be so puny, I assure you that you will have a little comfort as soon as we reach the next town." He said, placing the book on top of his face and lowering his position on the chair so that he could rest his head on the chair-back comfortably. "That is, if we arrive there safely."

(I might or might not continue this story. But anyway, end of part 1)

(Okay so here's part 2: The Hungry Luna)


Selamat membesar Lily

itu kad harijadi dari hahawawa

Harini awak membesar lagi. Awak ingat tak bagaimana 6 tahun yang lalu awak menangis di dalam buaian, minta disua botol susu ke mulut kecilmu bagi mengisi perutmu yang lapar? Tentu kau lupa, kau masih kecil, belum kenal dunia.

itu hadiah harijadi dari adik saya, apid

Awak ingat lagi, bagaimana awak dengan puggung comel dibaluti pampers, menari twist di hadapan televisyen apabila mendengar lagu berkumandang? Awak tentu lupa, tapi aksi itulah yang mengundang tawa buat seisi keluarga, termasuklah kakak awak yang menyayangi awak ini.

Kalau boleh, saya tak mahu awak dewasa. Saya mahu awak tetap begitu, kecil dan comel dan palbagai ragam, menghiasi hari-hari saya. Saya mahu ada sesuatu untuk dinanti-nantikan sewaktu hendak pulang ke rumah, ada sebab untuk berlagak seperti kanak-kanak kecil kerana ingin melayani keletah awak yang kadang kala menyakitkan hati. 

Saya harap dan berdoa semoga awak membesar dan menjadi manusia yang berjaya mencapai segala cita-cita, solehah dan beriman, berbakti kepada keluarga dan diberkati dengan hati yang penuh kasih-sayang serta akal yang rasional. Awak bunga hati saya, serta cahaya petunjuk diwaktu gelap. Itulah maksud nama awak; Lily Nurhidayah. Saya sayang awak selalu. Selamat hari lahir.


Saya sekeping roti.

Saya tulis saya padam. Saya tak tahu macam mana nak cerita. Saya hilang earphone, saya tak dapat dengar lagu. Saya takde inspirasi nak tulis apa-apa. Saya sedih. 

Saya sebenarnya bukan sekeping roti. Saya sebenarnya sedih.


Which brings back memories

"LOL...fragile betul hati A ya?"

It is, isn't it?

Do you know what you are in my life? A challenge accepted.

The Casio keyboard back at home, and all the collections of instrumental music I have in my muse folder, I dedicate to you. 

"F bukan boys over flowers pun. haha"

My boombox beats differently whenever you're around. It always has. Only that now, no ones here telling me to turn it down.


Pertandingan Men-doodle anjuran F&N

Atas tu doodle yang aku hasilkan untuk contest Clearly Citrus Doodle Champ anjuran F&N. Si kecik comel Dani yang mempromosikan di Twitter dan Facebook sebab beliau dah pun menyertai dengan gembira. Oleh kerana tertarik dengan kegembiraan beliau, maka aku pun klik link yang dia sertakan. Mudah je rupanya. 

Dekat laman web tersebut, pihak penganjur sertakan satu tempat untuk manusia-manusia bertangan gatal seperti aku ni untuk mendoodle apa saja yang terlintas di fikiran, dan menyertakan sekali gambar hirisan lemon dan lime yang mereka sediakan di atas kanvas doodle. 

Dan oleh kerana aku noob untuk menerangkan dengan lebih lanjut, aku bagi link nah untuk korang alami sendiri detik-detik keriangan menghasilkan doodle menggunakan lemon dan lime.

Baiklah. Lepas dah lukis, pergi melawat gallery dan vote hasil doodle orang yang korang rasa paling layak untuk menang. Banyak sebenarnya doodle-doodle menarik, dan aku sendiri terkejut bagaimana diorang boleh hasilkan doodle se-kreatif itu. Kalau taknak melukis pun, pergi melawat gallery dia untuk vote je pun takpe jugak. Bolehlah vote aku punya banyak-banyak ahaha okdahbai.

X/box: Ekceli kan, aku ada lukis dua doodle. Yang pertama sengaja aku taknak tunjuk dekat korang, sebab hodoh dan klise. Biasalah kan, percubaan pertama mana nak terus excellent macam tu je. Yang kedua ni barulah senonoh sikit aku rasa. Aku rasa lah. Hahaha


Howl from Howl's Moving Castle [fanart]

Oh wait, one more hihihik just can't heeeelp iiiiiitttt ^_^

Sorry lewww tak santikk sanaddd, guna paint zaman dulu punya jewww. Malas nak guna photoshop. Sebab kalau guna photoshop kena buat cantik-cantik, lepastu kalau buat cantik-cantik dia jadi time-consuming. Saya ni pemalas hihihik. Kbai.

Di mana ada kemahuan di situ ada jalan

Itu moto klise semua orang. Tapi baru-baru ni aku baru tersedar, itu moto hidup aku jugak. Dan tak hairan kenapa memang itu moto hidup semua orang jugak. Hmfh, klise. 

Kau tau? Mestilah tak, sebab aku belum bagitau, hahahaha *lawak paling hambar*. Tapi kau tau? Kalau aku tak mahu, ada seribu jalan pun belum tentu aku akan capai sesuatu. Bila aku mahu, takde jalan langsung pun, aku sanggup membanting tulang empat kerat, berbekalkan bancuhan tar yang pekat, aku buat jalan aku sendiri. Nama dia tentulah Jalan Jelawat. Acewwaahh. Tapi macam tulah lebih kurang. Faham tak? Tak faham sudah.

Kau tau? Aku batuk menggila sejak dua tiga hari ni, tapi aku tak mahu makan ubat. Maka, ada sepuluh botol ubat batuk depan mata pun, kalau aku taknak makan ubat maka jangan hairan kenapa batuk aku tak sembuh-sembuh sampai berminggu-minggu.

Kau tau? Kalau kau nak bagi aku sejongkong emas kalau aku berjaya habiskan sebotol sirap, tapi dah aku tak suka air sirap tu, baik kau simpan jelah emas tu. Melainkan....

Melainkan kalau aku memang nak sejongkong emas tu, maka cerita dia dah jadi lain. Sebab aku mahukan emas tu sekarang, nampak tak? Tak nampak sudah. Nah aku letak gambar sejongkong emas bagi kau nampak sikit

Gila kau taknak benda alah ni? 

Tamat sudah repekan di malam hari, sekian.


Saya pengarah muzik video

Cuba lah tengok video ni. Cuti seminggu benda ni yang aku buat. Sebab aku rasa nak jadi pengarah muzik video lah instead of jadi pendidik hahaha. Gurau je. 100% aku lukis guna Paint versi Windows XP punya, tu yang kerekot semacam lukisan. Tapi peduliklah, asalkan dapat luahkan imaginasi aku pada satu medium. Tak tahulah akan datang nak buat lagi macam ni ke tidak. Lebih kurang 32 jam jugaklah kot masa yang diambil untuk melukis dan compile. Aku rasa ni first and the last, sebab aku ni pemalas haha. Kbye.