For The Most Wonderful Man

When you love someone, you don't look for their flaws; you complete them.

But can they really accept ALL your flaws and live with them? 

Everyone wants to write a letter to their future husband/wife nowadays. I'm gonna write one too. One short simple note, not even a letter. 

So here's to you, a man of big patience, pure heart and great love, for accepting me of who I am and willing to look past the imperfections that I have. I hope I have been honest to you and kind to you for you deserve it. The moment you accepted me as the person that I was, am, and will be, the moment when I am rightfully yours, I owe you my whole life and my loyalty. I promise I will treat you right from that day on.

Please come when the time is right. Sincerely, Nurul Atiqah.


Beauty and The Beast 3D

...will be out on 14th of February 2012!!!

Yes, it says January 13 on the poster but that was for their country. You know what I mean.

I am geekily excited about this *fans self with hands* ! Purposely putting it on a Valentines day, niiiceee strategy uh'uh. But Valentines or no Valentines, I'm gonna go watch it anyway! I don't know who's willing to go with me, because I know no one who has the same passion for this movie like me. Most probably I might be going alone. But I don't mind at all, and please don't make other plans for me on that particular date pretty pleasee!

Siapa nak pergi dengan itteww? Siapa suka tengok kartun walaupun umor dah puluh-puluhan macam itteww? Siapa ada duit lebih dan tak tahu nak buat apa? Siapa duduk sekitar lembah Klang dan senang dihubungi? Bagitaulah itteww cecepat, kita boleh tengok sesama ekeke. 

I can't wait!! *cries with happiness*

I Dare Myself...

It's 27 January 2012 today. I promised myself that I won't be appearing on any social networking websites today. Well I just made up that promise earlier this morning, and I've already went and posted a photo and a link on Facebook before that, but that's alright. It's never too late to start. 

Blogger is not a social networking site. So this does not count. 

I need some time away from people for awhile. And distractions. I noticed that all the things that I wanna do have always been interrupted by the presence of Facebook and Twitter. Each time I'm on a loss for ideas, I scroll down through my Twitter timeline. Every time I run out of things to do, I go through my Facebook wall. These don't even help me find useful things to do! I'm frustrated with myself, really. 

So be prepared for multiple blog posts after this. He-he.

Beauty and The Beast Fan Art

I am quite surprised with my obsession towards Beauty and The Beast.

Lagu-lagu soundtrack dari cerita Beauty and The Beast berkumandang dalam earphone, jam menunjukkan pukul 12 ke atas, tangan aku ligat bergerak atas touch-pad laptop ni. Aku sengaja buka Paint atas sebab tak tahu apa lagi nak dilakukan waktu-waktu begini. Minda aku ego dengan badan, mengantuk tapi enggan tidur. Akhirnya, voila! 

Paint + touch-pad laptop sepenuhnya sbb malas keluarkan mouse + Photoshop utk tambah tulisan + hati yg gembira + mata yg mengantuk

Beast tu tak jadi sangat kot sebab aku lupa nak cari gambar untuk refer and masatu internet connection dah takde sobsob.


FT Island Fan Art

I made this fan-art of FT Island just to cheer myself up. I so happy now I have an FT Island card weheheii :D


Wake Up [part 2]

*Read the first part here [LINK]

I slowly opened my eyes as the morning light entering through the blinded windows started to fill my entire view. The room smelled different from yesterday and the other days. Instead of the usual odor of drugs and sanitizer, it was filled with the smell of fresh flowers. I pushed myself up and saw, all around my bed and on the end table beside me, baskets and bunches of live flowers of all sorts laying around. My jaws shot open with surprise.

"Good morning Audrey." Said a voice from one corner of the room, which I recognized so well. I turned and saw him smiling towards me, a sweet and honest smile. He approached my bed, pushing off the curtains covering my bed on the way. I sat there staring blankly towards him, not really knowing how to react, though my heart really said that I was supposed to be happy.

The guy picked up a bouquet of flowers laying on the pale green visitor chair and sat in its place. 

"How are you today?" he asked. I sat there still as a pole, staring towards the bouquet of flowers that I noticed were actually roses in his hands. Who sent me these flowers? Was it he? Why? I thought I already made it clear to him that I did not want to see him again. I wanted to ask him these questions, but my head told me otherwise. I obeyed my head and sat there staring towards him silently. His smile faded a little, but it was still there. 

"Audrey, I don't know what I did wrong to you..." He started finally when I refused to respond to anything that he said. His eyes fell and his face looked sorry. "I tried hard to understand that you're trying very hard for yourself. But I can't stand this distance any longer. It's as if  I'm watching you from outside a glass window, I can see you but I can't reach for you."

There was a slight break in his voice, and I noticed tears streaming down his cheeks. I felt my heart stop for awhile, and a choking sensation in my chest. 

"Audrey, you left me clueless for a month! I was helpless, frantically searching for you, but suddenly everyone didn't want to help me. Suddenly everyone decided that it was better to leave me be without you, that I could go on perfectly fine without you. You know I can't, don't you? You know how wrong they were don't you?!"

I sat there still, tears leaking out from my own eyes now. He looked straight into me, hoping I would say anything, but I didn't. I simply stared back, letting the tears free-fall without doubt. 

"I know you're suffering. I know it's not easy to go through all this, but you should have told me, Audrey! You should have told me! I thought you trusted me of all people, but you didn't! You don't know how painful it was for me, one month losing hope, thinking you would have found a better person. Why, Audrey? Say something!"

There was desperation in his voice. I put my palm close to my mouth, trying to stop myself from sobbing. The tears ran down heavily across my cheeks now. Despite his own, he reached across from the seat and wiped my tears. I sobbed harder. The strong wall around me actually crumbled seeing the tears he shed. I never believed I would see him that way. He used to be so hard-rock, so strong.


"Mark, I'm sorry.... I'm so, so sorry..."

To Be Continued...


Kewajaran Logo Halal

Let me state my opinion in this Halal/Non-halal issue.

So yesterday JAKIM got into serious business by ambushing some restaurants and food-booths that use non-JAKIM halal trademark. A few of them were kinda popular, like Subway and Aunt Anne's Pretzels. Of course they censored it on TV, but come on lah, ingat tak kenal ke? 

Okay, then people, as usual, start to talk about this matter. Some question the need of a halal trademark when it's not really stated in the Quran or hadis or sunnah that any food needs halal trademark to be qualified as halal. To make it simple, some people agree with this halal trademark thingy while some don't. Probably because they love eating at those places so people tend to get into denial. Kan? Jangan nak tipulah, aku tau lah sebab aku pun rasa macam tu haha.

So this is what my father said to me once about looking for halal food.

"Kita ni sebagai orang Islam, kita bertanggungjawab untuk cari makanan halal sebab apa yang kita makan tu yang akan jadi darah daging kita. 

Kedai yang pemilik dia orang bukan Islam ni, memanglah dia cakap kedai dia halal, takde daging babi dan sebagainya, tapi masa dia beli barang-barang dia tu dia bukan tau dan peduli tentang cara sembelih dan kandungan yang ada dalam sos yang dia guna. Diorang bukan tau gelatin tu tak semua halal sebab sesetengah gelatin guna lemak babi."

And then I asked.

"Habis tu kalau kedai orang Islam pun tapi guna barangan tak halal macam mana? Kita bukan tau."

"Bila kita dah cuba elak dari benda yang haram, sekurang-kurangnya dosa dah bukan dekat kita. Walaupun kita dengan yakin makan kat kedai Cina yang tulis halal, tapi kita tau pemilik dia Cina, bila kita termakan benda haram tanpa sengaja pun kalau dosa tetap dekat kita, bukan Cina tu. Kalau kita makan dekat kedai orang Islam, dia tipu kita dengan hidang benda haram, dosa dah tentu dekat dia."

Got that?

To me, JAKIM's halal trademark is something made easy for us. Diorang dah tolong make sure untuk kita sama ada makanan yang akan kita makan tu halal atau tidak by checking everything thoroughly beforehand, without us having to do the hard work. Yelah, bila kita beli ayam dekat pasaraya or bila kita makan dekat kedai, how do we make sure ayam dia tu dia sembelih properly dulu ikut cara Islam? Bila kita tanya orang kedai tu pun bukan dia tau, sebab bukan dia sembelih. The only way is to go to the place where they slaughter all the chicken, and check for yourself. Mana pulak nak carik tempat sembelihannya tu? Dah satu kerja nak carik. Macam mana nak tau pulak isi kandungan makanan dalam tin tu halal ke tak, guna gelatin yang dibenarkan ke tidak? Takkan nak cari kilang pemprosesan dia tanya bahan apa dia guna?

So JAKIM did all this hard work for us. And of course, to make sure everything is completely halal, they need a long duration of time. To go to the factories and what not, banyak kerja kan? And because of this long duration of time, the food production company or the restaurants do it the easy way, they buy the halal trademark. Tau tak yang sebenarnya ada certain companies yang jual je halal trademark ni without doing thorough check-ups? Sebab  tu lah it's a big deal to have other halal trademarks plastered on your wall. Ragu-ragu tau dok? Pehe dok mu?

Tapi tu lah, manusia ni dah bagi kemudahan, tak reti nak bersyukur. Have it your way.

Just saying.


The Pleasure of Desire

I want..

Books. But because textbooks are books too, and they say you have to be specific, so I'll tell you. I want Inheritance, by Christopher Paolini. Badly.

If possible, I want the whole Inheritance Cycle collection. I've got the first book, so I want to own the rest. And I mean it. Books, literally. I'm tired of PDFs.

And Fairy Tales, retold. Owning the Disney's Beauty and The Beast Diamond Edition DVD right now would be a bliss to me. I've read this novel which I downloaded in PDF format (yes, and I even got the whole Chronicles of Narnia collection in PDF and that explains why I'm tired of them) entitled Beauty: A Retelling of Beauty and The Beast. This was a version adapted from the original French fairy tale La Belle et la Bete by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot De Villeneuve which was published in 1740. The version I downloaded was written by Robin McKinley, and I thought it was kinda pretty. Very different from the Disney version though.

I still haven't found Hercules yet :(

I love fairy tales, a lot. Especially since I took the course Literature for Children and Young Adult as one of my subjects last semester. But loving fairy tales don't mean I believe them. Sometimes you like to do something just for fun, just for the pleasure. And I'm quite surprised with some people who take things too seriously. 

That is all. I am content. 


Wake Up

I sat beside the white-sheet bed and stared towards the dark-haired girl laying across it. Her deep brown eyes seemed solemn, like a deep pool of sorrow. Her pale-white face and lips showed the pain she was carrying inside. I stared into those eyes, long and silent. She gazed blankly towards the grey sky evening outside the glass window by the opposite wall. 

"Audrey... why didn't you tell me?'


"What did I do wrong, Audrey? Why are you doing this to me?"

Those eyes didn't budge.

A drop of tear ran across her cheeks and fell onto the white blanket covering half of her body.


"Leave me alone."

I was caught by surprise, taken aback, then managed to calm myself. I wanted to cheer her up like I always do, tell her happy things and hear her laughter, but this coldness that she was giving me felt like a sword struck into my heart. 

"Audrey... I-"

"I said leave me alone!"

So that was final. I left the room with a pain in my chest. Before I closed the door and left, I heard her heavy sobs. The pain in my chest grew like a tumor. Only that she was the one really having it.

To be continued...



"I let her go..."

"You... what?!! How could you do that?!"

"I had to."

"Yes, but...but.. but why?!"

"Because... I love her."

[taken from Beauty and The Beast]

Yes I know. Berjuta kali tengok dah ni. Maaf semua orang. hahaha. But I just can't fight the urge to take out quotes from the movie. Sampai dah hafal setiap lines dalam cerita tu -__-"

Lagipun, I is sedih sebab tak dapat pergi konsert Play!, so please forgive me people. Ini je cara-cara menghilangkan duka lara di hati :')


Tale As Old As Time

No chance, no way, I won't say it no no! 
It's too cliche I won't say I'm in love.

I've been drawing a lot lately. Biasalah, bila dekat nak final exam je mulalah macam macam mood nak buat benda lain datang. Macam final exam last year, aku gi lukis potret gambar Zue. Haha omeyy dok housemate mace gua ni? Omeyy sanadd kenz? Hahahaha.

And and I've been 'studying' a lot of Disney movies lately, instead of studying for my APP exam which is coming in two days time -__-". I watched The Lion King yesterday, and Beauty and The Beast for about 21497456 times haha. Serious banyak kali, dari pagi sampai malam dok ulang-ulang dekat laptop sambil buat benda benda lain. Why? Saje. Nak rasa macam kanak-kanak balik. Actually aku suka cerita tu lebih dari cerita-cerita Disney lain. Sekian terima kasih. 

Siapa ada Hercules dengan The Little Mermaid, tolong bagi kita please kita nak tengok ni. 

Oh kehidupan aku memang membosankan pun sejak dua menjak ni. Ke tak? Ke bosan? Taktaulah. Tapi aku happy lah yang pentingnya. 

Sila sentiasa ingatkan aku supaya berterusan consume benda yang ber-vitamin C dan sayur-mayur. Even though aku tak rasa akan ada apa-apa kesan pun terhadap masalah aku ni, tapi at least prevention is better than cure kan. Sila doakan badan saya tak apa-apa ya semua orang. Bye bye.


Kerepek kentang cicah sos cili

Tiba tiba rasa nak tengok balik cerita Boys Over Flowers. Sabar ye tiq, sikit lagi nak habis final exam. 

I've been wondering a lot lately about few things. Setengah orang tak peduli pun apa yang aku rasa atau cakap. Tapi aku tau apa yang aku rasa dan cakap. Haha ayat macam apa je belit belit. Tapi macam tulah. 

I think I'm gonna be a very cruel and heartless woman. 

Aku rasa gembira sekarang, aku cuma nak kekalkan kegembiraan ni je. Aku suka apa yang aku ada sekarang, I am content enough. For now, I like it this way. Aku tak rasa ada orang boleh pengaruhi kegembiraan ni. Macam burung baru lepas dari kandang. Free and happy. 

But I am hungry T_T

Semalam tonton video bayi dengan banyak-banyak lalu rasa depress sebab takde bayi sendiri. "Semua orang taknak kahwin, tapi semua orang nak baby" bak kata housemate aku. But I already have plans for my future. I don't think I'm gonna get married soon, so I have this ambitious dream of owning an expensive cat and I wanna call him Pipuk. 

Tapi semalam Hawa tunjuk gambar arnab yang comel jadi aku rasa kemungkinan besar jugak Pipuk adalah arnab kelabu yang gebu dan comel. 

Tapi aku nak kucing jugak. Acano? Bela SEMUA binatang miahahaha! Ok tipu sangat -__-"

Kita nak suami kacak dan pandai main gitar dan piano macam Jong Hoon baby boleh? Hahahaha. Nampak tak underline? Tu ciri-ciri paling wajib maksudnya kekeke. Okdahbai.



Depressed about the FT Island concert that I most probably won't be going to. So sad. So deeply sad *sighs*

Sian kita. Kita dahlah baru nak berjinak-jinak dunia K-Pop ni. Itupun kita bukan suka semua K-POP pun, kita suka FT Island je. FT Island is my only exception. Taktau macam mana boleh jatuh cinta dengan diorang. Oh, sebab diorang a band that plays real music, not a group of dancers. Yes, that's why I love you FT Island. 

Taknak ke buat contest blog entry paling menarik tentang FT Island dan boleh menangi tiket VIP untuk konsert tu nanti? Plus boleh jumpa depan mata? Kenot ah? Wuwuwuwu.

Kalau takdapat pergi konsert Play! 14hb nanti, aku nak penuhkan wall fb dengan FT Island, dan timeline followers aku kat twitter dengan FT Island. Pedulikan. Aku tak kisah pun hilang followers. Demi FT Island, aku sanggup hidup sendiri. Hahaha over je.

Tapi serious tak kisah. Kalau takde lelaki nak kat aku pun sebab obses dekat FT Island aku tak kisah. Hmfh. They are just jealous of my Jong Hoon baby muahahahaha. Haihh laa tolonglah tiket konsert turun dari langit.


Fairy Tale Come True

When I was young, I loved fairy tales like every other normal children do. My dad used to buy me this Disney's Princess magazine because I loved to read them so much. As a matter of fact, I still do love to watch Disney's Princesses movies until now. One thing that always strikes back my memories are the songs. I feel young again (even though I'm not THAT old now, am I?) every time. 

So one my favourite Disney's Princess is Ariel from The Little Mermaid. And then I like Belle from Beauty and The Beast. I like them because I think they are prettier than the rest of the princesses hahaha. Sorry if you disagree with me, it's just my opinion. 

Anyway, what I'm trying to convey to you in my post today is, I still love Disney's Fairy Tales no matter how old I'm becoming each day T_T. And because of that, I still search for people doing cover songs on the soundtracks from the movies or instrumental versions of them in Youtube. Finally, I came to these two videos which I find to be, AWESOME.

She's like a real-life Ariel. She sounds very similar to the original voice of the character! As a matter of fact, she sounds similar to all the Disney's Princess characters! Go check out all her covers if you don't believe me.

And this one. I love instrumental songs, especially piano instrumentals. This piece is VERY beautiful I got goosebumps while listening to it. Have I told you I like guys that play piano? Hihihi =,= 

Last night while I was watching the first video, suddenly this sort of inspiration came into me and I felt like drawing a mermaid haha! I used to like drawing mermaids when I was young, I even got caught drawing a comic strip of a mermaid story while I was in class -___-". Embarrassing moments. It has been a long time since I drew any mermaid pictures, so last night I just picked up my pencil and sketched away.

My first sketch of 2012, I guess.



I am a TESL student in UiTM. My dad's an Engineering lecturer in UiTM. He used to study in UiTM a long time ago. Last night, guess where did we celebrate our new year's eve?

UiTM's Faculty of Engineering building's staircase.

It was awesome. No concert, no party, but awesome. We saw fireworks from all around Klang Valley! There was so many booms! and bangs! and explosions! It really made my day.

Abah: Tahun lepas kita tengok bunga api paling best sekali.

Wani: Tahun lepas kita tengok dekat mana?

Abah: Laa, yang tahun lepas tu laa. ICT.

Mak: Mana ada kita tengok bunga api tahun lepas, tahun lepas kan balik kampung.

Abah: Laa, tahun lepas kita tengok bunga api ICT. Dekat UiTM.

Me: Ohh, TAHUN LEPAS 2011 -___-"

Awal-awal tahun kena troll dengan abah sendiri. Hahahaha.