The Story of Pipuk: Beginning

Tajuk tu over sangat, I know. Who cares, that's not the point now right?

I woke up early in the morning today expecting for a 'package' to arrive. You don't know how excited I was about this last night that it somehow got into my dreams. 

At about 8.15 a.m Zue came. She didn't have to knock the door or give salaam 3 times, I was already waiting there at the door - anxiously like a child waiting for Santa.

And there it was, the most beautiful and adorable thing I ever saw in this whole wide world, my baby Pipuk. 

Although I seem to be the only person in the family being excited about my baby Pipuk, so far everyone has been cooperating well. Mom keeps threatening to send Pipuk away if I can't take good care of her/him (I still don't know it's gender yet), and I think that's very mean of her. Coming from a mom, that IS mean. I WILL take good care of Pipuk and that has been a promise to myself ever since Pipuk was only an imaginary cat. You'll see mom, you'll see.

Day 1, I must say, has been quite a day indeed. I over-fed it, and it keeps pooping now and then. So I have to keep cleaning it up and wiping it's feet because it keeps stepping on its own poop -___-"

It's still afraid of people, so I have to put it in a cage. Zue provided me with some cat milk for kittens. 

I feel sorry for it because I have to leave it in the cage outside (because mom can't stand it's stink when it poops), and it's dark and cold outside, and it must be feeling lonely D:! Poor Pipuk I think it's time I go check out on it bubui.



Going online from my brother's lappy and using his broadband. Currently away from home, celebrating hari raya haji with the rest of the family. And currently expecting my cousin's homecoming. We're in Pahang!

Happy Eid people.


Being random

I randomly found this picture on Facebook and I thought it was cute. 

I woke up from an unethical late evening nap and was asked by my roommate if I wanted to join them for a movie that night, which was earlier tonight. Critical questions like that should never be asked to someone who only just woke up from an unethical sleep. NEVER.

I went anyway, and gladly that was the most relevant decision of the day. 

I hate promoting things that I do because they always jinx me in a negative kind of way. But I want you to go read some proper things written by me instead of all the craps and rants over here in this blog. Silent Onomatopoeia is where I pour out all my inspirations and ideas plus my sketchy writing ability that I am so much trying to improve.


I wonder what would happen to Ted once John passes away? He's a teddy bear and he won't die unless somebody destroys him. I really hoped that the movie had just ended where it was supposed to end. Ha.


I found this amazing book about manga. What made it even amazing was that when I opened the book on a random page, I opened on a page that had my favourite film on it. I took that as a sign, or something. 

I still don't feel like having long deep conversations with anybody.


What I would love to have now

To be quiet. 
To only talk within the walls of my own mind.
To do things uninterrupted.
To be alone.
Sipping hot Milo or Nescafe.
While drawing and colouring into my beloved sketchbook.
And listening to my favourite music by Beethoven
Or Bach or Joe Hisaishi's Studio Ghibli soudtracks.
Or Kyle Landry this one amazing Youtube pianist I discovered
Or perhaps some cinematic orchestral if I wanted to be a little bit dramatic.
And to be oblivious to the petty problems of other human being.


These are my portfolio for the 1citizen thingy I attended two weeks ago. One is the dark version while one is the light version. I am influenced by too much games I think. 

Which one do you prefer?

Actually I just needed a reason to post something. Tonight I feel so poetic. You know what happens when I'm extra poetic. I can't stop writing. My hands itch. It's 1 a.m and I feel like doodling something. The best thing about all this is that I have class early in the morning tomorrow. I'm supposed to be in bed, snoring. I'm supposed to be tired. 

OH! Two days ago was my birthday. I am extra blessed this year because a lot of people love me. I am grateful for my friends, my family, my health, my extra motivation and much much more. I have all the reason to be grateful you know, because I got everything that I wished for this year. 

I got FT Island's latest album (!)
Book 4 from the Inheritance Cycle
New colour pencils
Japanese food
I finished playing the Ace Attorney series
My drawing skills have improved

There's so many that listing it down would be unfair for this post. And I'm not only talking about the things I got for my birthday.


Dad offered to buy me something for my birthday, and I only wanted a box of pencil colours to satisfy my hunger for art. 

"This is it? Just this?"

"Yes, this. Seriously."

So I got my pencil colours and I was happy. 

"Okay, you can choose another one."

He added, grinning as if it was supposed to surprise me or something.

I hate having to make decisions when I don't want to. 

"Just choose something. It's not all the time dad buys you presents."

Mom said to me. Yes, but I don't need anything at the moment.

So I just went and bought a pair of skinny jeans which was on 50% discount.


I don't know if age does that to people, or was it just my mood swing.


Once upon a time...

"You just have to work a little harder."

This semester we have this Creative Writing subject, where we not only learn about writing essays, but also poems and other stuff. So far along this semester, I admit this subject is my second favourite. Because so far even though this subject seems to be the only subject with so many assignments, but all of them wants me to write or create something. Which is something I love doing.

I don't have the number one favourite subject yet, but basically that's it. I grade my favouritism according to how enthusiastic I feel while in class and out of it. Even though everybody else loves our lecturer for this subject because he's kind and very open to us, and even though I have nothing against him, he doesn't make me feel the enthusiasm while listening to his lectures. He's not boring, he's funny too, but I don't know. Maybe it's just me being boring. 

So our latest assignment was to create our very own fable using 4 animals that rarely appear in one and 1 magical object. I assume you all know what a fable is, because if you don't well Sang Kancil & Sang buaya is a fable. Sang Kura-kura & Sang arnab is a fable. Peter Rabbit is also a fable. Do you get the idea now?

My groupmates and I we chose a moose, a Tasmanian devil, a woodpecker and a ferret to star in the fable. The magical object was a unicorn horn. The title of our fable is The Lord of The Unicorn Horn, ha. Sounds interesting right? Yes it is.

My task was to illustrate all the characters in our fable, which is a task I gladly accepted. Now let me introduce them to you.

Mooz the moose, obviously.

Strong and brave, he's the main character of our story.

Woodina the woodpecker.

Mooz's bestfriend. the sub-character.
I think she's pretty self-conscious about her appearance.
I made up that trait by myself :p

Yoda the ferret hahaha Yoda.

He's the wise old ferret who all the animals in the animal kingdom turn to.
Apparently he's the reason for the adventure in our story. 

Lord Devil the evil Tasmanian Devil.

Yup, he's the bad ass bad guy and my favourite character.
That thing he's holding, that's our unicorn horn. It's magical. It can take people to the moon.

Basically, our story's about the heroes (Mooz and Woodina) trying to to look for the magical unicorn horn that the evil Lord Devil has kept hidden for so many years in order to fulfill old man Yoda's ultimate wish; to visit the moon. I feel so proud of us four (my groupmates and I) because we sound like some very creative writers with a bright future lulz. 

I would put up the fable soon when we have the proper story line on my other blog Silent Onomatopeia. As for now, characters are owned by Tiqu, Apek, Luluhana and Subo, while art and illustrations are mine mine mine mine.

Other than that, I also wrote a 200-word flash fiction inspired from Sum 41's song With Me. I am happy to tell you that this is also one of my assignments for Creative Writing subject. Yeay? Yeay!


Lets talk about cats

"One day, you'll be mine and I'll be the best you'll ever have."

I don't really know if I'm a cat lover because I don't have my own cats to prove that. But I'm particularly yearning for one since like, a few years now. And I have an imaginary cat that I call Pipuk since the end of last year, which I hope will be one of mine in time, soon. 

Actually other than Pipuk there's Pixel and Kuro. They're all my future cats muhahaha I know I'm crazy. 

I don't use to want to own cats because my mom thinks they're smelly and they poop everywhere, so her ideology was brought down to me in a way. However, my love towards cute snugly things have somewhat changed my perception on that as I grow up. Perhaps I can do something with the 'pooping everywhere' part, but I'll work hard I promise.

What really made me want to have a cat of my own was when a little kitten that I was particularly fond of - which was not even mine - died. I still remembered his messy fur and his big blue eyes. His name was Comot. Among his other siblings he was the naughtiest & the most hyperactive one. Comot belonged to someone who eventually is no longer present in my life right now, and he, as I can remember, was a cat lover. So there were so many cats in his house and I somehow became attached to Comot as I visited one day and played with him. I fell in love with his playfulness and his cute little face.

The day that person brought to me news about Comot's death, I can't believe how sad I felt that I became immediately speechless. We were both in the car that night, and I surprised myself by breaking down into tears upon receiving the news. I was actually quite shocked at that time because I don't find myself to be that soft. Perhaps that night I was just sensitive and fragile, or maybe because love really makes you cry. But anyway, I was absolutely sad. 

So lets just hope my Pipuk will come soon, and lets hope I can protect him and be the best owner to him one day hihi. 

On a slightly unrelated note, I am hungry. I'm supposed to be on a diet because last week I ate too much unhealthy things. I don't know why I'm suddenly paranoid about my health, but that's what it is. I should really prevent myself from collecting too much cholesterol. But I'm hungry :(


Let's talk about food

I've never seriously talked about food before in my blog, so today I'll make a special post about the lunch I had today. It was super delicious I feel like sharing with everyone! 

Chinese cuisine is the second in my list after Japanese food, and today my parents took us to this Chinese Muslim restaurant in section 15 Shah Alam; Mohd Chan. It was a rainy evening and we just got back from sports-shoe-hunting at Sunway Pyramid, so I was the hungriest girl in the world, not to mention tired as well. 

I ordered this dish: Mee Wantan BBQ Ayam with a glass of iced Ribena. 

It came with cili jeruk which made the dish taste even better! 

The price here is not bad. I can say it's normal for Lembah Klang area; not really a cheap kind of cheap but you can't say it's that expensive either. My dish costed RM5.50 + the ribena RM3 = RM8.50. I say it's worth it for a scrumptious meal like this one.

You can also order lauk ala carte such as ikan siakap stim, udang goreng tepung, buttered prawns and all here to be eaten with nasi putih. I was excited with the appearance of all the food in the pictures in the menu that I felt like ordering everything (remember I was the hungriest girl in the world at that time).

Other than mee wantan, maybe try the Nasi Goreng Thai. My mother ordered that and she said it tasted good. There's the usual prawn in it with loads of bawang+serai+cili api scattered all over the nasi goreng. I didn't get the chance to have a taste of it though because I was too busy devouring into my wantan mee :3

I have nothing else to say. Just go and try for yourself and believe me. I would love to go there again some other time to try something else from the colourful menu :3 Happy eating. Don't forget to be grateful to Allah!



Listen to this
The tune of my bliss
And even in sorrow
The glare of your shadow
Fret I shall not
For our story have rot

To the past I have sent
All my secrets a shrine
As these songs represent
My heart’s triumph and shine

Far you shall go
Let the north wind blow
My scars and my pain
No longer in chain

And be you my past
Like the hollow ghouls’ cast
A deep forgotten treasure
No longer a pleasure


It will fade somehow

red, vile
running, dripping, hurting
pain, scar, umbrella, pearl
falling, soaking, seeping
cold, wet

To let you go
To take the final blow
Across the plains of sand
This love story shall end
Beneath the dark blue sky
A glimpse of stars up high
And in the winter snow
Deep within your shadow
The songs of my heart
Will each play their part
As the footsteps fade
Let death do its trade

"Do I not deserve to be loved?"

"By any chance, does it even matter?"

"It does. To me, it absolutely does."

"How depressing."



I slept like a baby today, I guess. Not so, because I caught fever again. Twice in two weeks, how weak can I get! The doctor I went to last week said that if you frequently catch fever that means you lack vitamin C. So I'm planning on buying myself some vitamins to see if it works. If I told this to my dad, I know he'll say "Eat your vegetables. Veggies contain more vitamins then you'll ever need. You don't need to go buy vitamins if you eat your veggies." Ugh such a spoil sport, dad -_______-" !

On a different note, I'm writing again in my Silent Onomatopoeia blog. It's some old project of mine that stopped halfway because, well you know, because I'm me. But I have more resources now and I have been writing more short stories nowadays so I think I can keep that blog going again. Hopefully. 

I can't wait to eat sushi. I'm so hungry right now I just want loadsa food. 



Awesome artist is awesome

This song. And this image taken from this link here 

Just makes me wanna cry.


The Wooden Door

I am inspired.

I looked at that half-open door for some thirty minutes now, as if hoping for an answer to come walking in. My eyes strained from the sudden intrusion of light. I could just go and shut it myself, but my mind was too occupied I think. I sat there at the corner of the supposedly dark empty room, staring towards the white coloured wooden door, and the  narrow streak of light creeping in. 

9 months it had been since light last came through that door. I remembered I locked it. When I last closed that door I swore I hid the key somewhere in the room. I cannot entirely remember. Now that I've come to think of it, perhaps I threw it away. 

Many had knocked along the duration. I have lost count, but I remember so many annoying knocks on that piece of wood. There was one period when I had almost decided to wall up that door so every one would leave me alone. Some of them called out for me, and I answered kindly from within, because in return of my kindness I'd hope they would leave me be in peace. Sometimes I even lost my temper and chased them away. Most of the times I just ignore them.

Despite all that, I kept my distance from the door. Sometimes I think it was because all that. But it doesn't matter now, as I have lived 9 months in the darkness of the little room. I was becoming peaceful. I was feeling comfortable. If I was a foetus, most probably this would be the right time to leave the room. But I am not a foetus, and this is not a womb. I am sure of that. 

Until that door slowly creaked open. 

If I was a foetus this would be the right time to go see the world. 9 months that door stood still and solemn at that other corner of the room, hauling away intruders and strangers. What a strong wooden door. But now I sit staring at the light, feeling a little fragile and afraid, knowing somebody is out there standing at the other side of this small, dark little world of mine. Someone who had managed to somehow break open the door. 

I am afraid. I feel my security draining away from me, but I am curious. I want to know why that door broke open. I want to know who did it. I want to know how. But I am afraid. 

I peered out and someone was standing outside. A person. A man. He stood there smiling, but he just stood there. And I stared at him, not daring to leave my little corner.


A pain in the neck

Get it? Neck = throat. Right?

Hey, I like you. But I can't tell it to your face because iShy. And you'll think I'm crazy. Because I am. And I'm a psychopath who eats cute people like you :p

Shut up. I'm actually sick. I rarely suffer from ulcer, but right now I'm suffering from one that's decided to reside in my throat. It's super painful I can't even swallow my own saliva without a little bit of effort. I haven't been eating properly for three days now :(

Right now I'm waiting for 1 a.m because I need to take my medicine. Mum wants me to take my medication on time because usually I don't. So here I am, super sleepy with nothing useful to do, therefore I blog. And my roommate is doing her laundry in the middle of the night. 

Lalalala I don't know what else to say. 

Oh 'mars'? It can be anything. It can be a chocolate bar, which is also one of my favourite. It could also mean the planet Mars, because men come from Mars. It can also be an acronym of somebody's name ahem. Ahem. 

3 more minutes. Lalala~