DIY Tote bag

That used to be my baju kurung once.

I have ALWAYS wanted to make a hand-made tote bag. 
For some reason all this while I couldn't bring myself to do it.
Because I lack effort.
And because I hate sewing.
The sewing machine and I, we don't get along so well.
But yesterday the feeling was so strong I just had to Google up some tutorials from the web.
I found a great one immediately, and went straight to work. Werk.

Guess what, it's reversible too.

And now I know exactly how much I hate the sewing machine. 



Why do people, usually children, like to colour clouds as blue in their drawings? Because the sky is blue, and the clouds are actually white/grey. So why?

Nobody has ever been able to answer this for me.


Love is...

Cruise ride for two across the deep blue sea for the first place winner
Local beach getaway for two for the second
And a romantic dinner for two for the second runner up.

I choose you, number two. 

Wish me luck!


Rain Sound

I decided to do a little sightseeing yesterday. After paying the rent which was a hundred ringgit less than it was supposed to be (because one of my housemate left the house), I bought a cup of Cappuccino Cool Blog and walked to my second favourite art shop in section 2. There was no real reason really. I just had to find an excuse to make the trip to town worthwhile. 

It was a pleasant weather that afternoon, grayish sky and mild splatter of rain, with an earphone plugged to my ear and B.A.P's new song "Rain Sound" blaring through it. It was perfect. Not a big fan of K-Pop where FT Island is an exception, but this song just managed to slither its way into my list of favourites, along with all the background music from Korean Dramas, Choi Minho (SHINee) and the Korean people and songs that appeal to my friends and siblings. I am picky like that.

Whatever. So finally I reached my destination; the art shop. Looked around aimlessly, checked out a notebook that wasn't there when I had the money to buy it, thought about how unlucky I was and then thought again maybe that was God's sign to tell me to stop buying notebooks that I won't even use, and finally, guess what I bought? An artline pen hihi. HIHI.

Some crappy shading for you.


Touch touch

The reason why I am so unattached to my phone is because I have a certain level of dislike to touch screen phones. Firstly, my phone lags a lot. If I try to text while listening to music, it's like waiting for your ancient laptop trying to start up. It's annoying. And these days it is so hard to text without making typos and having to delete the whole sentence just to get back to that typo (which does not happen to phones with normal keypads)

So generally, I hate touchscreen phones. Mine's not even a smartphone, so I can't download all those interesting games and Pou, causing me to become even more detached to it.

If I were to buy a smartphone one day, the main reason would be to play games on it. And then maybe I'll buy a second phone with regular keypads so that I can reply people's text without feeling so angry all the time.

Sorry people for being such a jerk and replying all your texts 3 hours later. I just hate my phone to the extent of that.


One day...

She was about to fall asleep when her phone suddenly rang. Her phone seldom rings nowadays, and to pick it up only to see the word "Unknown" flashed upon her phone screen made her feel slightly uneasy. She left the ringtone blaring for a few moments, hesitating whether to receive the call or not. 

Finally, she pressed the green button and lazily put the phone to her ears.

"Hello." her voice came out much sleepier than she had expected it to sound.

"Hello, can I speak to Z?" said a male voice from the other end of the line. She thought she had heard wrongly, and pressed the phone harder against her ears.

"Who?" she asked.

"Can I speak to Z? Is he sleeping?" said the male voice again. So she hadn't heard wrongly, and now she didn't know what to say. After one year, she did not expect to be hearing that name being asked from a call to her number. 

"Who is this?" she asked carefully, as if she was talking to a possible serial killer. 

"I'm his friend. Is he not there? Er, who is this?" 

She did not know how to respond to this. It was her principle to not give personal information through the phone to an unknown person. Her name was personal information, especially to somebody who claims to be a friend of Z, her ex-boyfriend. 

“Is this A?” the male voice asked after she let silence take over the phone call.

“Yes.” She had replied out of surprise, and later deeply regretted this.

“Sorry, I thought this was Z’s number. Goodbye.” And the call ended.

She put down her phone and hid her head under her pillow. She was thinking about the phone call. It occurred to her that Z’s current girlfriend had the same name as her. That person could have thought she was that current girlfriend. Apparently she had just finished reading a book, where the conflict was based on coincidence and rationale. She would have preferred the phone call to be a mere coincident, that this person was some other Z’s friend, who coincidentally had a girlfriend named A. Because it bothers her to know that a friend of her ex has her number saved into his phone.


Tomb Raider Reborn

Remember Lara Croft?

A few days before finding out that Square Enix will be releasing a new Tomb Raider game,
I found this picture from my dad's treasure trove (his work cabinet actually)

I really don't know why I didn't finish colouring this.

It was my drawing of Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider games when I was 7 years old. There was a date written at the back of this paper. Friday, 25 September 1998. When I was little, my dad made it compulsory for me to put a date on everything I write or draw. Now I know why.

And then my brother told me about this new Tomb Raider game that's coming out soon this year (probably March. Apparently it has been delayed for quite some time); Tomb Raider Reborn.

I went and watched the trailer and the first few minutes of its demo from that 1 hour ++ video uploaded by IGN. I am excited as fuck. Really. Especially after knowing they will be releasing for the Xbox 360 platform as well. 

Although this new one has completely nothing at all related to the previous Tomb Raider series (because in this one, Lara Croft is a young woman who was only just about to "make her mark" in the map), I am still excited. And obviously, I can't wait to get myself a copy of the game.

This one isn't finished either. Not yet.

I love to see improvements. 


Happiness is subjective

Dato' Sahol VC of UiTM asked through his Twitter just now,

"What is the one thing that makes you happy? Answer honestly."

I found myself stopping to think and ponder upon the answer to that question for a few minutes. It bugs me to believe myself happy but realizing I don't really know why.
I thought, maybe drawing makes me happy. But then again, that's not the only reason.
Most of the times, that's not the main reason either. 

Now, I believe not having the reason to feel sad makes me happy.

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Guilty pleasure.

"Are you free tonight?"

"No, I'm RM10,599.90 tonight."

I have always wanted to say that to somebody.

Lucky Charm

I need motivation. So in order to make myself write, I have to make deadlines for myself. This is the supposed book cover for a story that I am writing. I don't know why is it so hard for me to say I am writing a novel. It is harder even to say I am writing a book. Am I denying my own ambition? Don't I want to see this become realized? I just don't understand. I'm so confused about myself. 

Well this is what I initially imagine it to look like and sound like. It may change (as usual) in time. Roughly, the story will be about a sociophobic (why isn't this a proper word?) girl who met a demon living inside a mysterious ring that she got from a very mysterious old lady in a mysterious trinket/antique store. I am trying to make this sound as magical as possible. 

And lets just hope this time I am motivated enough.