A Very Very Tangled Love Story

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Strawberry Cupcakes with a new snazzy look! I'm back updating after such a long hiatus due to few technical and personal problems. Now it's even got a new tagline: A Very Very Tangled Love Story. Hahaha I don't know how tangled but you read to find out!

I'm sad though because I probably won't be able to post pictures of scenes from the story anymore. Recently, I've been surfing through the internet and I browsed through some galleries in Deviantart, and I found loads and loads of beautiful anime pictures and drawings made by people from all over the world. I somehow felt a little intimidated, and being in my vulnerable state that time, my self-esteem went down-right downhill in an instance :(

But anyway, that was my emotional half of myself. Probably when I find my self-esteem again, I might be able to continue drawing more Lily's and Alex's. Please please pretty please be nice to me and go read my novel. If you like it, follow my blog for the latest updates :D. And if you're lucky, I might be giving away some gifts for a chosen reader!

Thank you peeps, have a blast and Happy Hari Raya Eidulfitri !

Love, Tiq Hashim.

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