Tricenti Uni: Credentials and Attributions and Anonymous

Apparently I forgot to take note of the websites that I had taken all the resources and stuff for my template layout. They were from all around the net, mind you. Dozens of websites altogether. And with such a slow performing laptop, I just couldn't bother searching back the history for all of them. 

So here's a special thank you post for the brilliant people who took time to provide us with all the fascinating stuff and what-nots through the internet. And especially from the particular people that I downloaded from. I couldn't leave any comments either because the website requires me to log-in in order to comment or anything. So yeah :)

Attributions aside. Do you know what Anonymous is?

Have you watched a video this 'Anonymous' posted in Youtube? Well do you know that they are going to take down Facebook on the 5th of November 2011? 

And did you believe that? 

*big cynical grin*

No one can speak for the whole of #Anonymous. There are some anons who support #OpFacebook whilst other do not. | #AnonOps

@Anonymous_SA Exactly! #OpFacebook is just an Op, it's not Anonymous..

They're human too... But we may never know.

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