Dipping thy quill

"Yes sir. You can be more careless, you can put more trash in [a novel] and be excused for it. In a short story that's next to the poem, almost every word has got to be almost exactly right. In the novel you can be careless but in the short story you can't. I mean by that the good short stories like Chekhov wrote. That's why I rate that second – it's because it demands a nearer absolute exactitude. You have less room to be slovenly and careless. There's less room in it for trash"
-William Faulkner, 1931 



Aku boleh jadi nenek tua si bongkok tiga dengan hanya menggalas semua beban dan tanggungjawab yang tersangkut di bahu aku saja. 

Bila aku buat sesuatu, aku rasa bertanggungjawab. Tapi kalau aku tak buat pun, aku tetap rasa bertanggungjawab. Buat ke tak buat, sama saja. Consequences je lain. Mungkin satu option akan buat hidup lebih positif, dan yang lain akan buat kau rasa macam orang tak berguna. Mungkin sebab aku anak sulung aku rasa semua ni. Mungkin sebab hari-hari sepanjang cuti ni aku asyik dengar benda yang sama. Aku tak tau sebenarnya aku penat ke apa.

Kenapa pulak cermin mata tebal buat perempuan nampak comel? Aku pakai cermin mata sebab aku rabun. Bila aku nak tampil depan khalayak dengan wajah sebenar kalau-lah-aku-tak-rabun-kena-pakai-cermin-mata-haa-nilah-wajah-aku, aku pakai contact lens. Jadi, kenapa cermin mata tebal buat perempuan nampak comel? Dulu masa kecik-kecik aku pakai spek mata bulat bingkai nipis tapi masa tu aku lagi comel dari sekarang hahahaha. 

Oh ya, nanti saya upload portrait boyfriend Hawa saya lukiskan untuk harijadi dia hiks.


Wonderful evening

It's cold right now because it rained earlier this evening. In this weather I feel like crawling under the blanket and curling up into a ball. I wish I could say "It's -5 degrees celcius outside" like some people do. I wish it snowed and I wish there was winter. Some people like it warm. I like warm, but I prefer cold because I feel so comfortable and happy. Of course I need to wear thick clothing and all, but that's what comforts me. When it's too hot I can't take off all my clothes just to keep cold especially in public, therefore I feel unhappy and I don't like it. I don't sweat so much and it's easier to fall asleep at night when it's cold. Don't you think so?

And it's already Thursday today. How time flies!


My holiday plans in a nutshell

We ate durians, we painted, we ate some more, we did drama-acting in Mandarin, we celebrated birthdays, we had a lot of fun. Life would have been dull without your beloved people around. Your friends and family. 

From these pictures, you can say that I'm a cartoon character. Yes, I like to where the same tudung over and over again. If it suits the clothe I'm wearing that day, I'll just wear the same tudung because I'm too lazy to iron my other tudungs. But I really do like that tudung anyway, because it's easy to shape. 

What are my plans for the holiday? Lets see... I don't have any. My short term plan is to play games all the way. I have like four games I wanna finish this holiday. Three series of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney and one of it's continuation Apollo Justice Ace Attorney, and then Pokemon Black version and then Final Fantasy. One more is Digimon, but then after seeing Lily playing it the other day, I don't feel like starting with that game anymore hehe. All these are actually Nintendo DS games, but I downloaded an NDS ROM for PC so I can play all these games without buying the NDS console hihi. 

I've been writing a love story since the end of last semester's holiday, and now I'm hit with a writer's block. I don't know how else to continue and I've been listening to different kinds of songs just to trigger my mood. We'll see how this goes. I hope I'll be able to continue with the story this holiday.

I can't wait for Ramadhan!


For now

Ah, it's been awhile. I miss mister bloggie here but I had tonnes of work to do. I don't know if I really have anything to say. I don't think I wanna mention about my hectic life for the past few weeks, because it's gone and done with. I'm free for now, from my work and assignments! Final exam was over yesterday, and I had only one paper anyway, but it's such a relief! 

I don't have to tell you I'm on holiday now for two months like that, obviously. I don't plan to work, but I have no source of money yet. I'm afraid to say that I have no money, because I think it's starting to jinx me in a way. So I'm saying that I have no source of money yet even though I don't plan of finding one, but let's just hope luck is standing in my path hehe.

I was planning to put pictures in this post because I got some from Hawa's phone. I don't want to start about the tale of the mysterious camera on my phone, but indeed I have no means of taking pictures for now. Alas, I'm not updating this post here on my lappy. I'm using uh...Lily's lappy. Don't be surprised, this is really my dad's old lappy. He gave this one to Lily because he already has a new one. And Lily's only using this to play games on it. What else can she do anyway. And this lappy is not any greater than mine too. It's basically older, but why am I using this one?

Because I'm playing games on it hehehe.

Because my lappy is THAT noob (sorry lappy!) I can't play games happily on it. That is also the reason why I don't update my blog at all these days and I don't go online so much when I'm back home. I'm so busy playing games hehehehehe. I even wasted 3/4 of my study leave playing games (and how I regret doing that so much T_T). Please someone slap me and tell me to grow up.

I want to update later on using my own lappy because it's no fun going online with some other lappy that's not your own, isn't it? Bye bye.