A childish post

It's so hard to write things nowadays. People around me have been talking about things that make people what they are now. I know I had a happy childhood, but that's all I know about my childhood. I don't know if that's a problem, but it bugs me. I can't tell people about my childhood because it makes me feel uncomfortable. There's this uncertainty every time, as if I'm not sure about my own childhood haha. 

Okay see I told you. I even have trouble writing it down. I wanted to beautifully put it in words how I was when I was little, but I can't because err I dunno because I feel uncomfortable about it. Trust me it took me one hour to write until this sentence right here :|

I took an online ADHD test because I was curious. Of course, to get accurate results I took more than one tests from different websites. The results were either possibly mild attention and concentration problems or moderate attention problem. Just to be safe I asked my roommate to take the test as well and she also got mild attention problem. We concluded that most people nowadays have mild attention problems because of the internet. 

Do you know I have a hyperactive body? I can't stop my hands or feet from moving even when I'm sitting. In class, when there's nothing I can do but sit, my hands will move about; either it's drawing, writing, playing with the pen, etc. When it's cold and I have to hide my hands to keep warm, I will unintentionally shake my feet. Or just fidget about restlessly. You can quietly observe me if you don't believe this.

I say I take down notes in class because it's easier for me to remember later on. Actually, that's just part of it. The reason is because I just need to write. My hands need to do something. I think it's out of habit, but yeah. I have this odd habit if you live with me under one roof you'll know. It has bad effects on one part of my skin but I can't help it because it's been a habit since I was a baby. Yes it involves my hand. I've tried to stop once but with no avail. Mom told me to stop once but to no avail. I don't know what my husband would think when I get married.

See I'm just human I'm imperfect go away don't marry me ha ha. 

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