I bought a new sketchbook today lalala

On the 27th of January last year, I dared myself to stay away from social networking websites for one day. I don't know why I had to dare myself at that time, because I don't have to now and I can go without internet for days. What's the big deal? I should dare myself to stay away for a month and then talk. But I think last semester break I already did that.

Sometimes I hope certain people understand. I'm not pushing away possibilities, they're the ones ruining it for themselves. I know what I want now. So if I don't meet it then it just won't happen. 

When I'm with this side of my social network I feel belonged and happy and there's nothing to worry about because most of them are like me. Happy single girls. But when I'm with the other side of my social network I feel well I still feel happy but sometimes I feel like the little odd one out. I'm the only happy single girl and when conversations start to stir to 'THAT' topic well you know what I mean, I have to most of the times keep quiet and listen. 

But I'm happy though. At least I have friends.

LOL for the post yang takde kena mengena dengan tajuk :3 lalala

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