The crucial point

When you're playing a loop de loop - the one where you go round and round a loop vertically without falling - the most crucial point would be the highest point. That point determines if you succeed or if you fall. When you reach that point with the correct amount of speed and force, you would absolutely make it back down again safely. If you go too slow, bam! But if you give too much force either, the loop will collapse.

It's like life in a certain kind of way. When you think you're nearing the most critical point in life and it seems like you're gonna succeed, NEVER let your momentum go down again. Always maintain your effort and your energy, never feel too safe because you never know what's in store for you. Hard work is rewarding, but too much hard work isn't safe either. 

The key to a successful loop de loop is the balance between the up force and the gravity that is pulling you down. Other than that, the structure of the loop should be strong enough to cater your up force. This is physics. But you don't always need physics to be a balanced person. Maybe you've been working all day long and when you go back home you're tired you don't even talk to your family members. At some point you'd be rewarded with 'The Best Employee of the Year' award but how about 'The Best Dad/Mom in the World'? What is life if you don't even learn to appreciate what is around you? The most important thing is; what is the definition of success to you? 

I'm 21 and I don't think I have achieved anything glorious yet. The only thing I can do that makes ME proud is drawing. And I'm not even the best. That's why I try so hard to improve myself in this because I believe if this is the only thing I can be good at, then why not just aim for the best? 

I don't really like it when people say "I'm so jealous of your talent." because it took me a lot of hard work to reach where I am now and people don't see all that. Though, my dad said once "Drawing can't be taught, you need to have talent to be good at it." but without effort (and the right medium and encouragement too!) no one can be good at drawing even if they have talent. 

Just like the loop de loop. A strong loop structure won't ensure you'll be able to make one whole loop and land safely on the ground without the right speed and force. But even with the right speed and force, a weak loop would still send you crashing to the ground.

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