Old enough to think

This is truly a short break from my heaps of assignment. I hate myself at the moment for hating my course so much. Since that very annoying person appeared in my life as a TESL student, I've been hating my days in TESL so much. I finally feel that I should tell dad about quitting this and take something else instead, like art and design or something. The only thing that's stopping me is the thought that so much money has been spent on me just for the sake of me finishing my degree. At this point, that's what it feels like; trying to finish my degree. Nothing else matters now, I just wanna finish it.

For the past few weeks I've been wondering if I could pursue my studies on something completely unrelated to the field of education once I finally finish TESL. I wanted to ask dad but I was afraid of what he might think. Two days ago, I voiced out my desire to take music class to him as we were already in a musical instrument shop. I asked him once a long time ago, but he declined with the excuse that music class was expensive. What made me ask again was when my sister said she wanted to take violin classes, and he did not appear to go against the matter. He didn't say yes, but at least he tried reasoning. That was when I saw my chance. I looked up the fees and they were still expensive, but at least I saw some fragments of hope this time. 

Somebody pull me out of this body.


Anonymous said...

Babe, you should never give up on your dreams. Insist on what you want, that's what I did till I managed to study in the field that I've been wanting for ages. Remember my dad wanted me to learn something to do with syariah or Islamic studies? but since he saw my strong determination, he finally agreed with my choice :)

You still boleh ambil kos yang you nak masa Master. Like me, I wish to further my studies in theater for the Master program. Sure it's only a dream but everything starts with a dream kan?

God bless you Tiq :)


Tiq Hashim said...

Thank youu nell! I taktau lah dulu rasa macam boleh kot try jelah belum cuba belum tau but along the way I rasa macam give up haha teruk nya. Sampai I tak nampak future I dlm bidang ni sebenarnya. But anyway I'll try to diverge, slowly. You're right, everything starts with a dream, so I'll try my best to achieve it :)