Double D

Isn't it sad when all you want is for someone to hold you and ease the pain away, but there's nothing anyone can do because you're strapped up on a hospital bed with broken thigh bones and you can't even express what you feel because you can't talk. It's heartbreaking :'(

According to the latest update, it was the nursery caretaker's careless mistake. GOD knows what happened to the poor child. Her sister had a large bruise on her cheek, which the doctor had pointed out to be a pinch mark. We all assumed it was child abuse. When the police asked them, they said they knew nothing. Only GOD knows what happened to the two little kids. 

Justice will find a way, sooner or later.

Get well soon baby Dahlia :(

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ArinaZhaf said...

nmpk cm teruk je tiqa..hope she will be ok..