Just a simple post and begone with me. I'd love to be home right now back with my sketchbook and colouring pencils. Saying that makes me sound like a child but that's the truth; and that's how I'm planning to spend the rest of my holidays apart from reading all the books my family bought from Big Bad Wolf. 

Luluhana celebrated her belated birthday party last night, and it was something I personally needed for myself. A life. I told you so many times how hectic this semester was. Last night I stayed up and went full blast on myself trying to finish my Research Proposal. In approximately 24 hours I managed to finish what others took a week. If I had done this earlier I wouldn't have pressured myself so much. And if I hadn't absent-mindedly deleted one assignment that I've completed without submitting, my life would have been a lot less difficult than what I went through yesterday and today. I had to redo one whole article review, and at one point I totally gave up on myself. How unlucky.

I owe myself a packet of Super Ring for celebration. I bought myself a packet of Cheezel instead. Darn you 99 Speedmart for not selling Super Ring. I got Sociolinguistics paper tomorrow. The final hurdle for this semester. I haven't studied anything yet. Wish me luck.

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