New Year's Resolution

I only just noticed that I have not made my resolutions for this year. Not a big deal, really, because I actually started not to bother making one since last year. But it's good to have a little list, just to make sure you can refer to it later on when you start to forget. And so that you'll have an objective that you want to achieve. 

First things first, I wanna be the best at what I'm good at. This has been my resolution every year. I don't know if I have ever achieved it, but the fact that I'm not sure proves that I haven't. 

Next, I want to travel to a place that's far away from home. 

And then, I want to own a set of copic markers hehe. 

I want to own a smartphone.

This is becoming too ambitious. Should I stop? Wait just one more.

Get deans list for one of my semesters this year.

Okay. That's about it. Wish me luck. Be kind 2013.

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