Little Things

First week of holiday was okay. Somehow, it felt longer than it was supposed to. It felt like two weeks has passed. If this goes on it should be good because then I will feel like I've spent 4 months of holiday instead of two by the end of this semester break :3

Artsy little me has been very active lately. I spent hours of drawing and colouring. I uploaded some of them on my Facebook and Deviantart. I am happy. I used to hate colouring so much because I suck at it, but now I kinda love it because the end results make me happy. 

This is a fan art of Jack Frost (my boyfriend) from Rise of the Guardians. If only I was good at drawing backgrounds this picture would've turned out nicer. I really want to improve my shading techniques and my colouring skills. And if someone was kind enough to teach me about perspective, I would be most honoured!

I'm still waiting for the mood to start my doodle-sticker project. Until then.

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