Two days the internet connection at my home here got dysfunctional. Two days of unintentional disconnection to the world. I find myself feeling rather uneasy. Not because of the fact that I couldn't login to my social networking websites, but because I lost connection to my only source of free tutorials and guides on how to colour or draw. 

Just at the very moment I suddenly felt the urge to try my hand in a different type of colouring medium other then pencil colours, and I fret remembering that I have no means of looking for tips and tricks in handling watercolours this time. 

I went on with the urge anyway, convincing myself that I already have the basics in colouring from my experience using pencil colours. But as expected, the results were quite unsatisfactory. I can mix the colours quite well now, but I don't know how to make the colours appear smooth on my drawing. Which is a bummer because it ruined everything. I tried wet on dry first, and then wet on wet, and the latter proved to be a disaster so I gave up. I still need a lot of researching to do.

Finally, I ended up playing a continue-the-sentence-in-the-story game with my sisters and we had such a laugh I literally laughed my tears out. 

But I made these too along the way. At least it makes me feel much happier despite my little failure

They're minimalist posters. I found a lot of them in deviantArt made by absolutely creative and skilled people and been thinking of making one myself since last year. My lack of skill in using Photoshop has hindered the effort, so you know, this was traditionally drawn by hand at first and then edited in Photoshop later. You don't know how much I made my Sharpie work for this. 

I intentionally made them black and white because I like it that way. You can call it a collection of black and white minimalist posters of my favourite animation movies of all time if you'd like. Hehe. There's one more, surely I wouldn't have left it on purpose because that's my most favourite animation movie y'know, but I was too lazy to scan and edit so I left it in my sketch book for later. 

Until then.

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