I dream a dream

Every time I check out an art blog I always feel like I need my own house ASAP. Every talented artistes I came upon so far have such a nice work-space with all their equipment in one place it looks like heaven. I've always dreamed of a nice room with a mini library and my own work desk where I can scatter all my drawing stuff and nobody can complain because it's my room. There should be a high-performance PC among all the art things for when I need to do 'office work' or simply to satisfy my thirst for writing. The most important career for this PC is, obviously, for me to play games on. 

At one corner of the room, nearby the large rectangular window, stands my beautiful guitar for when I feel like singing my hearts content. There should also be a violin somewhere, and a white grand piano in the living room. Ahh what heaven!

But until I earn my own money, all this would be a speck of light in the night sky. The closest feeling I can get to this is when entering an art store. How sad.

I wonder how my mom would react if I tell her I don't plan on getting married. She's been randomly asking people to introduce me to their guy friends, jokingly of course, but still that shows she wants me to settle down some day. 

What if I want to live alone?

Okay, I know I can't tell what lies for me in the future. God might have already set me a nice husband who's responsible and understanding and kind, and it's up to me to cross his path (or up to him to cross mine). But until I find that responsible, understanding and kind husband, I don't plan on settling down. I don't even plan on looking for him har har har sorry future husband you have a lot of work to do.

I want to live in my own little heaven on Earth without having anyone telling me 'NO' and without needing permissions to paint the wall any colour I like. 


Anonymous said...

Omg Tiq we have a lot of things in common. I want the same thing too!

Firdaus said...

I somehow need a fridge in my room, I get hungry pretty fast when I'm doing my work. =/