Ocean Bound 2

I must remind you that this is not a love story.

There are about 10 floors on the cruise ship that passengers have access to. Most people frequent floor 9 which is the pool deck where there are two swimming pools and two jacuzzi, and which is where the Mariner's Buffet is. Floor 10 is the top most deck where it's open and you can hang around and enjoy the view, which is where I was in the picture above. Mom and I woke up early the second day just to enjoy sunrise, and it was really a spectacular view from a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean.

Floor 8 would be where the disco is. It's just below the Mariner's Buffet, so when we were having supper this one night, we could here loud music being played from the disco below.

Floor 7 consists of only cabins, which are the rooms where passengers stay in. Our cabin was at floor 3. Floor 6 was the sun deck. You can gain access to the front most part of the ship and shoot Titanic here if you want, but I didn't, which makes me kinda sad. I tried going there one morning but the wind was ridiculously strong from that part that my shawl flew dangerously all around me. I turned back and just walked around the deck, inspecting the life boats hanging up above for when there's emergency.

On floor 5 they have the Stardust Lounge where we gather for shows, briefings and assembly, and also the Star Club which is the casino. Floor 4 is kinda the lobby of the ship where there's a white grand piano and at intervals of time the pianist would come and play a few good songs. Once while I was hanging around the lobby he was playing Frank Sinatra's Fly Me To The Moon which is my favourite song and that made me feel content. Other than that there're a few shops on this floor, and the Four Seasons Restaurant where we had our Gala Dinner Party. 

Floor 3 is where our cabin is situated. Our room: 3141. I don't know much about floor 1 and 2 because we don't usually go down there. But the gangway where you exit the ship to go onto a smaller boat (during Krabi trip) or to a dry port (in Phuket trip) is on floor 1. 

This was in Phuket

Really, if you want to have a better view of the descriptions I gave you above, they're all uploaded on my Facebook HERE

Every time I go up to the Pool Deck, me and my mom, we'd always go "Dah bukak ke belum Mariner's? Sekarang lunch kan?" or "Sekarang pukul berapa? 11.30 patutnya dah boleh supper kan?" Although we just had breakfast, we're usually hungry again by 11.30am so we'd go peeking down across the deck to see if the entrance door to the Buffet is open. That's about what me and my mom were doing all throughout the journey. Eating. 

Of course, there was another reason for me. After the conversation that night, we never talked again. Sometimes when our eyes meet we'd smile and then I'll continue putting food into my plate. It's so ridiculous I managed to have a crush on someone on board a cruise ship. But I love it because of the fact that I know I'll never see him again after this. 

Isn't it?

End of part 2

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