Ocean Bound

I decided that writing a blog post with a hundred pictures would just crowd my blog. If you are interested to see my journey in Thailand on board a cruise ship, feel free to visit my Facebook HERE

The picture above is me in Penang, on a beach nearby the Hard Rock Hotel in Batu Ferringhi. It is the last stop of our 5 days vacation from Penang-Krabi-Phuket-Penang again. So as you can see, I am in a state of what you call "melayan blues" or "melayan perasaan". Because I literally am in that picture which my mom took without me noticing. I look at the ocean and I remember the cruise ship, the crews and the people. It makes me feel melancholic now that I gaze to the sea and all I can remember is those four days worry-free journey with my beloved mother on board a ship which name bears my zodiac sign. 

I love to call the vacation a journey, because it was challenging for me in many ways. I am a person with mobile sickness. Put me in any vehicle that moves a lot and I get sick. Every single day on board the ship I had to go through with help of medication. I can feel the waving movements of the ship which nobody else I know can. 

On the day of our Krabi trip, we arrived back on the ship soaking wet due to heavy rain along the way back. There were no large ports in Krabi, so our cruise parked way in the middle of the sea and we were transported to the island on a smaller boat. There was enough sheltered space for about 50 people on the small boat. During the heavy rain, because my mom and I had raincoats and we weren't carrying small children, we volunteered to sit at the deck of the small boat where there was no shelter. There were about 15 other people on that deck with us, all with raincoats and, fortunately, with good sense of humor. It was cold, wet, and fun indeed. And mind you, my mom and I chose to run barefooted through the rain.

On the day of the Phuket trip, I forgot to take my medication so I had a little headache while on the tour bus to Promthep Cape. Instead of following the rest of the group up to the cape to take beautiful scenery pictures, my mother and I climbed down again and took pictures of a gigantic millipede. That was the biggest millipede I ever saw in my life. 

There was this one cute person on the ship. He was tall, a bit clumsy in a cute boyish way, friendly, and he was from Indonesia. He served drinks on the first night of the trip, and surprisingly chose to start a conversation with me instead of the other lady before me. A short one, but one I'll never forget. He acknowledged me as a Malaysian, asked if I've ever went to Indonesia, and said I should visit there some time. Before I parted with my glass of iced lemon tea and mom's air bandung, he told me to be careful with the drinks, reminded me to come down for supper at the Mariner's Buffet cafeteria later that night and said thanks. I walked off with a little smile.

He was one of the reasons I liked to go down to the Mariner's Buffet after all the food for the following days hihi.

End of part 1

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