Ocean Bound 3

This is one of my favourite photos of the trip. They're our friends we met on the ship; Kak Rina and her family. The two little boys are her sons. 

Of course we made friends. That was the best part of our journey. We met new people, shared stories, talked about the elections with fellow Malaysian, and it was fun to listen to on my part. My mom did all the talking usually. Because I usually do all the listening. 

After 4 days on the ship, I must say, it was sad to think this might be the only cruise trip I'll ever have in my life for the few years to come. On the last night after the farewell party, I walked alone on the the 10th floor above the pool deck to collect myself and to let my thoughts fly with the sound of the waves and the sea. It was 1 am, and there was not many people around. The wind was strong as the ship was cruising fast back to Penang. That made me even sadder. 

While I walked and observed every single thing from the stars to the railings to the lights and the flags with a pirate skull embedded on it, Frank Sinatra's song I Did it My Way came out through the stereo loud and clear and throbbed at me like an annoying little sister. I decided to stay for a little more just to enjoy the song, and realized it made me feel a hundred times sadder. The song never felt the same anymore since then.

It was such a precious experience. If I were given the same chance ever again, of course I would take it. Perhaps I'd go through it with a different person then, who knows? Maybe a loved one? Maybe I'd be like Kak Rina that time and be on the ship with kids around me. My own. Well, surprise me.

I dream of going to Japan since I was younger. Now I anticipate it even more. Can't wait for my next journey. Until then.

The waves shall wash away the prints on the sand, but not the memories.

The End

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