Fly away

I am flying to Penang on Sunday and then straight away board a cruise ship to Krabi Island and Phuket. Next week will be one real adventure for me and my mom. Plus, it'll be mother's day soon. I guess she deserves this trip more than I do.

Don't expect a lot of pictures from me haha. I'm not a good photographer. I seldom take pictures and I just don't care to upload it to the internet. Even if I do take a lot of pictures, don't expect me to upload all of it here. I'll upload when I feel like uploading. 

Or maybe this is just me talking out of fever. I have sore throat and I feel quite unwell and I don't have 5 days MC. I just have 5 days cruise trip to Krabi oh God I should've made a video.

Until then.

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Anonymous said...

Make a video! I'd love to watch! :D Take care & have a nice trip.