Biasalah. Penangan caffeine. Mesti nak kena update post berkali-kali. Walaupun takde perkara penting nak cakap. Tulah, that's the thing. My blog is not even close to educational. Not even informational. Far from interesting. I don't expect to be followed by a lot of other bloggers. I'm even surprised why some people keep returning here to read my craps. You should really find something better to read. 

I realized that there're a lot of things I want to achieve in the short term run. I want to buy a smartphone (which has been in my wishlist since last year), I want to buy my own guitar, I want to buy a set of copic markers, I want to go to Singapore with my cousins, I want to go to Japan (my ultimate wish in the list so far), and the list goes on.

My friend keeps telling me, if I you really want something so bad you should believe you will get it one day. Well, I believe I will get all of these one day, but not in the short term run. 

Hmmm sometimes you've been let down so many times it's hard to really believe in things anymore. 

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