Under The Hemlock Tree, and Far Away

Growing Old by Matthew Arnold
Design by Robert Frost
Those Winter Sundays by Robert Hayden
There's a Certain Slant of Light by Emily Dickinson
If I Could Stop One Heart from Breaking by Emily Dickinson
I Am Not Yours by Sara Teasdale

I'm not a poetry kind of person. I might be poetic some of the times, but I'm not really into poetry. But today, I have been introduced to the list above. Most of them were too bombastic for my fragile mind, LOL. However, I found some of them to be really...hmmm...I can't seem to find an accurate word for this. Ah well, it was the kind that you could relate to. Like the one titled Those Winter Sundays, by Robert Hayden.

My poetry lecturer told us that this poem is one of the popular poems around the poetry world. I can see why. It's not very hard to relate to this one, even though it has quite a deep interpretation. The moment that girl who presented on this poem told us about the meaning behind every lines and stanzas, I knew this was the one. I somehow felt a little jealous why I wasn't the one meant to present it instead. There was this feeling. It's the one feeling I have been trying to describe ever since. I found it in this poem. 

And then I felt contented. Like a self-achievement.

What did I know, what did I know
Of love's austere and lonely offices?

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