Happy Birthday Wowo!


She's someone I just knew from my fellow Jelawatians. A very super cool lady and is setting her path in becoming a successful architect. She is also very passionate in art, although I've never seen one of her pieces but I know she must be a talented young lady.

Not really knowing her long enough, I am quite surprised by how I adore her personality. Very deep down inside, I wish to be spirited and independent like her, but in my kind of way. 

Amboi rasa malu pulak mengaku perkara hati (heart things) ni LOL. Semoga dia tak baca blog kita.

Anyway, the video above is our dedication to her, from all her friends and her family. Eja contacted all the people and asked them to send in videos, and I did the compilation and editing job (like I always do). Voila. 13 minutes of blessings and love.

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