McFlurry Oreo

I don't know what song best describe my feelings at this moment

One week without Twitter and Facebook, and I made a Deviantart account. No, I'm not going to post any drawings of mine for the time being, because the people there make me feel so small. I love staring at beautiful drawings for a length of time, people might think I'm daydreaming. But you know, when something's too beautiful to you, you just can't tear your eyes away. I want to be able to draw like that too. I am currently trying to improve myself in certain aspects, and that does not include my social skills. 

I feel so secluded these days I've been avoiding contact with the world. Not to mention how shitty Twitter has been treating me these days, I can't even get the home page to load fully without receiving a message saying "Looks like Twitter is having problems loading the page. Maybe you should reload the page and try again later" and so I reloaded the page for a hundred times and tried again for another hundred later and I can't seem to get it to load completely. So I resorted to doing fan arts again and got my hands busy and stained with the colour of pencil lead. I wanted to upload but I guess I'm too lazy so I'll just tell you like this; it's a fan art of Howl, Sophie and Calcifer from Howl's Moving Castle teeheehee. Or make that two fan arts. And now I can't stop!

I need a break. I need to go somewhere I guess. I really need some private time of my own. I feel so burdened by so many things and I think it's killing my spirits. Probably a runaway vacation perhaps? Alone.

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