When I dream, I dream big

Nothing much to say really. Simply made a post just to promote my brother's video that he made for a contest, kekeke. Here, click this link and go watch it there. The more views he get, the more chances for him to win. I think his video is kinda interesting. Nicely arranged and pretty creative. To be honest, it's like a vlog already LOL.


Yes, ni memang ada unsur-unsur KPop sikit. Bagi yang haters terhadap KPop tu, takyah tengoklah. Sekadar click link tu and tekan play kejap cukuplah. Then takyah tengok sampai habis kalau taknak membazir air liur bagi comment2 haterz pulak. Tapi sebenarnya takde apa pun. Cuma memperkenalkan satu budaya lain yang mungkin kau tak pernah jumpa selama ni. 

Oh ya, aku sekarang tengah menikmati cuti pertengahan semester. Been watching movies (to be exact, Studio Ghibli ones), helping mom and dad paint the house (if you still don't know yet, my house is currently under renovation) and found a new Korean Drama that I might like. Love Rain. It's currently airing on KBS World. As usual, I forgot the airing time. My brother's the only person in this house who's following all these Korean things so I depend on him to run to the TV whenever there's an interesting show going on. 

If my brother wants to go to Korea so much, do you know where I wanna go? I want to go to Japan. There's so many places in Japan that I'd love to visit. Someday I'll go there. Bila dah kaya.

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Nellie Nell said...

haha ! your brother reminds me of my young, passionate times of being truly in love with Korea. Joined contest like writing fanfic, guessing lyrics and all but I guess me got no luck in the world. It was fun anyway. Good luck to him, nice video! Bertambah2 nice sebab ada selitkan lagu Sherlock from my favorite SHINee <3