Studio Ghibli

I keep falling in love with anime characters. Can someone bewitch me and turn me into an anime character now? I said now.

So far, I've watched about 7 of Studio Ghibli's movies. My first was Spirited Away, which was about a girl who got spirited away into a very alien world where she met a boy dragon and a whole bunch of weird characters. And then there was Grave Of The Fireflies, and My Neighbor Totoro, and Kiki's Delivery Service, and The Cat Returns, and Howl's Moving Castle, and just now I watched Whisper Of The Heart. I have to say that for many many years, my favorite has been Spirited Away. 

But since a few days ago, after watching Howl's Moving Castle and even reading it's original novel written by Diana Wynne Jones, I've found a new favorite. 

Notice that I usually embed videos of songs in my posts but I reduce it's height until you can not even see the video? And notice that sometimes I embed videos but I leave them in their original size? Well when I leave the videos big enough for you to see, it means that I have something to show you. 

It was because of that audio video above that I suddenly felt the urge to watch the movie. 

Well not really. It's actually a long story, but oh well; it started from Sungha Jung's fingerstyle cover of the song above, and then I searched for an original and found this one, and then I found out it was actually a theme song for one of Studio Ghibli's movie, and then I googled for a synopsis and found out it had an original novel, so I downloaded a PDF version of the novel and started reading, tried looking for online streams of the movie but failed, went home and reported to my dad that I'd love to have a CD of Howl's Moving Castle very badly, forced him to the shopping complex the next day and found out there was not really any shop that sold the movie as a single movie, so I ended up buying a whole collection of Studio Ghibli's movies instead. 

So now I have 14 minus 4 of Studio Ghibli's movies to watch instead of one (I have already watched the 4)! 

I love my dad lots, because he introduced Studio Ghibli to me.

"I'm no man's burden. I want to be of use." - Shizuku, Whisper of the Heart

Oh I must warn you though, a lot of Studio Ghibli movies are kinda weird and freaky in a way, for those who haven't watched any. I can name a few like Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away and even Howl's Moving castle. But there's something about those weirdness that I find myself being fond about. They're kinda heavy and most of them are about 2 hour duration. But if you're a fan of fantasy genre movies, this might be your dish. Enjoy! 

Picture taken by my brother

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nurulatika said...

oh i really really really love spirited away <3