Just an update.

Currently enveloped in the coldness of INTEC library's computer lab. It has been a long time since I last came here. Even a longer time since I last used any computer here to update my blog. Sitting here brings back memories. 

Anyway, I'm supposed to be finishing an assignment. Class has been canceled this morning, and I feel nothing at all. I just want to go home actually, but then I have class at 11.30 so Hawa and Zue decided to finish our Poetry Journal assignment. The assignment I'm supposed to be working on too. Look what I'm doing now.

I slept late last night. Around 4 a.m, talking about music with a few people. I needed the conversation, because it has been some time since I am able to talk about the things that I'm passionate about with people who feel the same. So I slept happily. And woke up a bit late. Feeling hungover walking to class is not a pretty feeling. Finding out class has been canceled after a miserable walk to the faculty is worse. My eyes hurt. My body's giddy. 

I just want to think of what to eat this afternoon. Or maybe they're gonna have some brunch later on. Until I post a better entry. 

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