To control your dreams

Have you ever heard of 'lucid dreams'? Well I read about it once from the internet, and ever since then I have been trying to experience my very own lucid dream, but to no avail. 

Before your mind starts taking you somewhere negative and you start concluding that a lucid dream is equal to a wet dream, well good job being a loser. A lucid dream is a dream that you can control. That might not be an accurate definition, so let me put it this way: have you ever had a dream that felt so realistic to the extent that you were aware that it was actually a dream? Well that's lucid dreaming.  

From that article that I read, there are ways in achieving the condition of lucid dreaming. I have been trying every night for a week now perhaps. I haven't succeeded even once. I remembered having dreams that fitted the description of a lucid dream once or twice a long time ago, but I have forgotten all about them now. I remembered waking up from an interrupted dream that was pretty intense and I wanted to know the ending so I forced myself back to sleep and forced my brain to continue the dream. I guess I almost succeeded that time, because I remember a blurry dream with an ending but I felt half awake. I don't know, but all I can remember was a mixture of the dream and my room. 

If I could just even once be able to control what I do in my dreams, I would do many things. A generous number of deeds that I might not be able to do in real life. Lucid dreaming can be kinda scary, but well what's not scary in this world nowadays? Even people are scary. And lucid dreams are just...dreams. 

And one of the ways in achieving a lucid dream is to have a very tired body before you go to sleep. 

I just love pushing myself these days.

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