My kind of thing part 2

So I deleted the last post. I might have caused some misunderstanding, when I did not intend to mean it to certain people. So, sorry for that. Let's start over.

And let's start over from nothing. From scratch. 

I am a fragile piece of something. Throw me around, run me through walls. Put me somewhere and leave me to dust for ages and ages. I might not break or even shatter, but look at what you've left me with. A scar so deep that stays, that can never be healed. 

Hi, I'm Skia. That's not my real name, but I love it. The person who gave me that name was a traveler, and he said it meant 'shadow' in Greek. Yes I am female. I have no parent. Well, perhaps I used to have them, but probably they didn't need me. I learnt about the world through the cold windows of an orphanage. I left the run-down place when I was pretty young. The people over there didn't care. It was much easier for them to have one burden taken away. I see it in their faces every time. So I went to search for myself in the cruel outside world. I met a lot of people. Nasty ones, careful ones, dangerous ones, people with layers of masks on, double-sided ones; a plentiful number. I have learnt not to simply trust anyone, no matter how kind they treat you. No matter how close they are to you. I have been kicked down, dragged over, pushed and pull, all for the sake of moving on in life. Somehow, I managed to survive in one piece. 

To be honest, along the way I met a couple of good people, which were scarce in this dark evil world. Like the money, like the food, like kindness, like faith; they were scarce. It took me 3 months to secure my trust towards them. And because it was very hard for me to simply trust anybody, I gave them my complete faith and loyalty. It was the first time in my life that I met the definition of love. To them, I was family. 

But then, one fateful, unfortunate day, they were taken away from me. In front of my very eyes. And there was nothing I could do to help it. They took away every thing. Every single thing. I was left with nothing but a little bit of the life in me, and the sight of the bloody dead corpse of two people that I dearly loved. From that day on, I swore to take revenge towards the people who took away every little bit of faith I had in me. I felt a morbid pain I never imagined I would ever feel in my poor life. And the story ends there. 

I am here in this damp cell, all alone in coldness that seeps to my bones, smiling contently. If you ask me why, the answer would be too obvious. For the following 4 years since the tragedy that changed me into the monster I am now, I have lived as a hunter, thirsty for the blood of his prey. My life goal was to track those people down, and kill them. All of them. Guess what? I succeeded. 


To be hurt, to feel lost, to be left out in the dark. To be kicked when you're down, to feel like you've been pushed around.

And I hope you read it together with the music I inserted. It would feel a whole lot more...super...that way.

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