My kind of thing 2.1

She was sitting silently under the bald Birch tree, a gun in one hand and a silver necklace in the other. Her eyes gazed meaningfully towards both while occasionally turning the necklace to one side. There were carvings on the locket dangling from the necklace. Carvings that formed letters. Letters that formed words. 

Kayla & Avery
7th March 2007

She ran a finger over those writings a few times, staring blankly towards what used to be the most treasured piece of object in her life. A gentle breeze blew in her face, throwing her bangs off her forehead. She drew in a deep and heavy breath, took her right arms in which she held the silver necklace up, and threw them outwards with a powerful stroke. The silver thing went flying across the plains. And as it did, She took out the other hand with the gun until it met her now empty right palm, held it in line with her eyes, and pulled the trigger twice.

Bam! Bam!

About some feet from the tree where she sat under, two pieces of silver fell onto the grassy grounds, followed by the necklace now unhooked at it's ends. The two pieces of silver which used to be the locket was now just dented pieces of metal with smothered traces of the embedded writings. She stood up, her face blank and unchanged, tucked the gun onto her belt and walked away.

I fell deep, you let me down, but that was then and this is now.
Now look at me.

art, charlie bowater, color:brown, dark, dessin, digital art
 image taken from HERE

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