Shine through me

I am officially in love with this guy. 

It feels good to have crushes on a lot of people you know will never like you back. It feels good to have many boyfriends when you don't really have one. It feels good to know that you have people who care for you when you're unhappy or feeling down. It feels good to be able to do things that you like without having people disagreeing with you all the time. It just feels a whole lot better when you achieve the ultimate goal in your life.

I am happy. I am on the way to being grateful. I just need that goal that I need to achieve. Which I still don't have and cannot find. 

And I am happy. I really am. 

Perhaps my ultimate goal would be to marry a man who has a deep passion in music and can play three different musical instruments which includes a violin, a cello and the piano and has a stable job. Maybe an architect. Or a computer engineer. 

I can still dream big. I am happy.

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