Wake Up

I sat beside the white-sheet bed and stared towards the dark-haired girl laying across it. Her deep brown eyes seemed solemn, like a deep pool of sorrow. Her pale-white face and lips showed the pain she was carrying inside. I stared into those eyes, long and silent. She gazed blankly towards the grey sky evening outside the glass window by the opposite wall. 

"Audrey... why didn't you tell me?'


"What did I do wrong, Audrey? Why are you doing this to me?"

Those eyes didn't budge.

A drop of tear ran across her cheeks and fell onto the white blanket covering half of her body.


"Leave me alone."

I was caught by surprise, taken aback, then managed to calm myself. I wanted to cheer her up like I always do, tell her happy things and hear her laughter, but this coldness that she was giving me felt like a sword struck into my heart. 

"Audrey... I-"

"I said leave me alone!"

So that was final. I left the room with a pain in my chest. Before I closed the door and left, I heard her heavy sobs. The pain in my chest grew like a tumor. Only that she was the one really having it.

To be continued...

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