I Dare Myself...

It's 27 January 2012 today. I promised myself that I won't be appearing on any social networking websites today. Well I just made up that promise earlier this morning, and I've already went and posted a photo and a link on Facebook before that, but that's alright. It's never too late to start. 

Blogger is not a social networking site. So this does not count. 

I need some time away from people for awhile. And distractions. I noticed that all the things that I wanna do have always been interrupted by the presence of Facebook and Twitter. Each time I'm on a loss for ideas, I scroll down through my Twitter timeline. Every time I run out of things to do, I go through my Facebook wall. These don't even help me find useful things to do! I'm frustrated with myself, really. 

So be prepared for multiple blog posts after this. He-he.

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