For The Most Wonderful Man

When you love someone, you don't look for their flaws; you complete them.

But can they really accept ALL your flaws and live with them? 

Everyone wants to write a letter to their future husband/wife nowadays. I'm gonna write one too. One short simple note, not even a letter. 

So here's to you, a man of big patience, pure heart and great love, for accepting me of who I am and willing to look past the imperfections that I have. I hope I have been honest to you and kind to you for you deserve it. The moment you accepted me as the person that I was, am, and will be, the moment when I am rightfully yours, I owe you my whole life and my loyalty. I promise I will treat you right from that day on.

Please come when the time is right. Sincerely, Nurul Atiqah.

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