The Pleasure of Desire

I want..

Books. But because textbooks are books too, and they say you have to be specific, so I'll tell you. I want Inheritance, by Christopher Paolini. Badly.

If possible, I want the whole Inheritance Cycle collection. I've got the first book, so I want to own the rest. And I mean it. Books, literally. I'm tired of PDFs.

And Fairy Tales, retold. Owning the Disney's Beauty and The Beast Diamond Edition DVD right now would be a bliss to me. I've read this novel which I downloaded in PDF format (yes, and I even got the whole Chronicles of Narnia collection in PDF and that explains why I'm tired of them) entitled Beauty: A Retelling of Beauty and The Beast. This was a version adapted from the original French fairy tale La Belle et la Bete by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot De Villeneuve which was published in 1740. The version I downloaded was written by Robin McKinley, and I thought it was kinda pretty. Very different from the Disney version though.

I still haven't found Hercules yet :(

I love fairy tales, a lot. Especially since I took the course Literature for Children and Young Adult as one of my subjects last semester. But loving fairy tales don't mean I believe them. Sometimes you like to do something just for fun, just for the pleasure. And I'm quite surprised with some people who take things too seriously. 

That is all. I am content. 

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