Fairy Tale Come True

When I was young, I loved fairy tales like every other normal children do. My dad used to buy me this Disney's Princess magazine because I loved to read them so much. As a matter of fact, I still do love to watch Disney's Princesses movies until now. One thing that always strikes back my memories are the songs. I feel young again (even though I'm not THAT old now, am I?) every time. 

So one my favourite Disney's Princess is Ariel from The Little Mermaid. And then I like Belle from Beauty and The Beast. I like them because I think they are prettier than the rest of the princesses hahaha. Sorry if you disagree with me, it's just my opinion. 

Anyway, what I'm trying to convey to you in my post today is, I still love Disney's Fairy Tales no matter how old I'm becoming each day T_T. And because of that, I still search for people doing cover songs on the soundtracks from the movies or instrumental versions of them in Youtube. Finally, I came to these two videos which I find to be, AWESOME.

She's like a real-life Ariel. She sounds very similar to the original voice of the character! As a matter of fact, she sounds similar to all the Disney's Princess characters! Go check out all her covers if you don't believe me.

And this one. I love instrumental songs, especially piano instrumentals. This piece is VERY beautiful I got goosebumps while listening to it. Have I told you I like guys that play piano? Hihihi =,= 

Last night while I was watching the first video, suddenly this sort of inspiration came into me and I felt like drawing a mermaid haha! I used to like drawing mermaids when I was young, I even got caught drawing a comic strip of a mermaid story while I was in class -___-". Embarrassing moments. It has been a long time since I drew any mermaid pictures, so last night I just picked up my pencil and sketched away.

My first sketch of 2012, I guess.


Zinedine Zaiddin said...

awek ikan duyung ni blum baligh lagi ke hape? xde curve punnnn


Tiq Hashim said...

Zaiddin: kau ni suka betul komen bentuk badan lukisan aku ahahaha