Beauty and The Beast 3D

...will be out on 14th of February 2012!!!

Yes, it says January 13 on the poster but that was for their country. You know what I mean.

I am geekily excited about this *fans self with hands* ! Purposely putting it on a Valentines day, niiiceee strategy uh'uh. But Valentines or no Valentines, I'm gonna go watch it anyway! I don't know who's willing to go with me, because I know no one who has the same passion for this movie like me. Most probably I might be going alone. But I don't mind at all, and please don't make other plans for me on that particular date pretty pleasee!

Siapa nak pergi dengan itteww? Siapa suka tengok kartun walaupun umor dah puluh-puluhan macam itteww? Siapa ada duit lebih dan tak tahu nak buat apa? Siapa duduk sekitar lembah Klang dan senang dihubungi? Bagitaulah itteww cecepat, kita boleh tengok sesama ekeke. 

I can't wait!! *cries with happiness*

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