Early morning update

I just noticed that I have never updated my blog early in the morning. Usually it's either late midnight, in the middle of the day or any other time but early morning. I think. If I did actually did an early morning update before but forgot, well you should know I haven't had enough sleep for three days now. I'm even having problem spelling words properly right now you don't wanna know how many times I keep backspacing typos.

Anyway, today's the last day of this semester. It's frightening but it's well awaited for. Remember all those depressing entries and all? Well you won't be seeing one for the next two months because I'm so happy this hell is all over. 

I skipped sleep last night to finish all my assignments that needs to be submitted by today. Note that phrase clearly. All the assignments that needs to be submitted by today, which means there's actually more. Ha ha.

Okay but just lemme celebrate a little, because I'm tired as fuck, I'm all messed up (my sleep I mean) and I really need a break. I have one more test today and a microteaching, so wish me luck. 

I have a movie date with my cousins tomorrow. To be honest I'm actually too tired to even think about going out at all. But I wanna see my cousins and I wanna go to BBW again so I guess I'll just go. I'll sleep a lot tonight so that I regain my energy tomorrow. Until then or whenever, goodbye and goodday!

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Anonymous said...

BBW! Fy teringin sangat nak pergi BBW tapi kat KK takde.