Some things to share

Before anything I would like to talk about my two microteachings for my two methodology subjects this semester. The first one, for teaching reading, was okay but lame on my part. I always knew I'm a boring person who does not know how to express her feelings properly. But my lecturer said I had good voice projection, and I know that because I love to yell at people harharhar.

The second microteaching, for teaching grammar, was much better I guess even if I did not improve in the emotion part. But I managed to implement a little drama technique from that ever so hated subject so at least it's 'purposeful fun' y'know?

From this, you can say everything went well. I just finished reading The Calligrapher's Daughter by Eugenia Kim last night, but I won't write about it all here. As usual, things related to books will be published on my Silent Onomatopoeia blog. All I can say is that, it touched something deep within my heart, it triggered anger, sadness, and almost made me cry twice along the story. And what's more, it made me realize that I actually like war-related stories/film. 

Ah, distracted again. 

Before I abruptly end this post, I wanna show you something.

Jupiter went MIA. Venus got damaged only a few months after I bought it. And then I used my mother's earphone which had bad quality so I refused to give it a name. Now, Mars. Finally. Let's pray that we have a long future together.

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