Turning Pages

If you need answers.

My lips can be as sweet as yours when it comes to fooling around with a person's heart.

I try not to, though, because I know I'd hate it if it happens to me. Mayyybe, sometimes I forget and tend to get carried away. Those are the times I feel like punching myself in the face because I'm not a time machine. I can't turn back time and undo what I ever did. 

My apologies.

In another different dimension, Big Bad Wolf is back! I went the first time with my family, and the second time is still an ambiguous plan inside my head. I'm looking forward for the second visit because there're more books that I want to buy! 

The other day I watched Perks of Being a Wallflower with my housemates. I would highly recommend reading the book first before watching the movie, because honestly you might not understand a lot of things in the movie without background knowledge from the book.

At the moment, I'm reading The Calligrapher's Daughter by Eugenia Kim. I've read about 40 pages so far and I think it's so beautifully written that I can almost imagine the demeanor and conservative behaviours of the yangban Korean women during the early 1910's. I'm looking forward to finish the book and the rest in my pending list of books to be read. Oh, I was even thinking of suggesting this book to my brother because he loves Korean related things. The bad thing about this is that he doesn't read novels and such. Somebody should expose him to good reading.

I'm sad for the people who buy a lot of books but never read them. You should donate all of them to me. Books are not a collection. Well, they can be, but only after you've finished reading them. Otherwise, buying books and storing them on your shelves as a decoration is  highly invalid to me.

Kan shu kuaile!

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