I miss Pipuk.

I miss my family above all things.

I haven't found my Jack Frost yet. Maybe he still doesn't feel like turning into human for me because finding a house, a horse and a bag of gold nowadays would be too much of a work. 

So here I am, living pretty mundanely while sitting in front of the laptop and trying to finish my assignments. The best part of today was when a plastic bag of air tebu spilled all over my mattress after one torturous day in yet again another Umbridge's replacement class. I almost broke down into tears, but I was too tired. Too tired to even feel sad about the spilled air tebu. My roommate and I got busy trying to clean up all the mess. I was too tired I think I yelled at one of my other roommate. Sorry :(

I got a headache afterwards so I calmed myself to sleep. 

Life is quite depressing. I wonder how the people during war lived? 

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