The Story of Pipuk: Beginning

Tajuk tu over sangat, I know. Who cares, that's not the point now right?

I woke up early in the morning today expecting for a 'package' to arrive. You don't know how excited I was about this last night that it somehow got into my dreams. 

At about 8.15 a.m Zue came. She didn't have to knock the door or give salaam 3 times, I was already waiting there at the door - anxiously like a child waiting for Santa.

And there it was, the most beautiful and adorable thing I ever saw in this whole wide world, my baby Pipuk. 

Although I seem to be the only person in the family being excited about my baby Pipuk, so far everyone has been cooperating well. Mom keeps threatening to send Pipuk away if I can't take good care of her/him (I still don't know it's gender yet), and I think that's very mean of her. Coming from a mom, that IS mean. I WILL take good care of Pipuk and that has been a promise to myself ever since Pipuk was only an imaginary cat. You'll see mom, you'll see.

Day 1, I must say, has been quite a day indeed. I over-fed it, and it keeps pooping now and then. So I have to keep cleaning it up and wiping it's feet because it keeps stepping on its own poop -___-"

It's still afraid of people, so I have to put it in a cage. Zue provided me with some cat milk for kittens. 

I feel sorry for it because I have to leave it in the cage outside (because mom can't stand it's stink when it poops), and it's dark and cold outside, and it must be feeling lonely D:! Poor Pipuk I think it's time I go check out on it bubui.

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