Let's talk about food

I've never seriously talked about food before in my blog, so today I'll make a special post about the lunch I had today. It was super delicious I feel like sharing with everyone! 

Chinese cuisine is the second in my list after Japanese food, and today my parents took us to this Chinese Muslim restaurant in section 15 Shah Alam; Mohd Chan. It was a rainy evening and we just got back from sports-shoe-hunting at Sunway Pyramid, so I was the hungriest girl in the world, not to mention tired as well. 

I ordered this dish: Mee Wantan BBQ Ayam with a glass of iced Ribena. 

It came with cili jeruk which made the dish taste even better! 

The price here is not bad. I can say it's normal for Lembah Klang area; not really a cheap kind of cheap but you can't say it's that expensive either. My dish costed RM5.50 + the ribena RM3 = RM8.50. I say it's worth it for a scrumptious meal like this one.

You can also order lauk ala carte such as ikan siakap stim, udang goreng tepung, buttered prawns and all here to be eaten with nasi putih. I was excited with the appearance of all the food in the pictures in the menu that I felt like ordering everything (remember I was the hungriest girl in the world at that time).

Other than mee wantan, maybe try the Nasi Goreng Thai. My mother ordered that and she said it tasted good. There's the usual prawn in it with loads of bawang+serai+cili api scattered all over the nasi goreng. I didn't get the chance to have a taste of it though because I was too busy devouring into my wantan mee :3

I have nothing else to say. Just go and try for yourself and believe me. I would love to go there again some other time to try something else from the colourful menu :3 Happy eating. Don't forget to be grateful to Allah!

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