Once upon a time...

"You just have to work a little harder."

This semester we have this Creative Writing subject, where we not only learn about writing essays, but also poems and other stuff. So far along this semester, I admit this subject is my second favourite. Because so far even though this subject seems to be the only subject with so many assignments, but all of them wants me to write or create something. Which is something I love doing.

I don't have the number one favourite subject yet, but basically that's it. I grade my favouritism according to how enthusiastic I feel while in class and out of it. Even though everybody else loves our lecturer for this subject because he's kind and very open to us, and even though I have nothing against him, he doesn't make me feel the enthusiasm while listening to his lectures. He's not boring, he's funny too, but I don't know. Maybe it's just me being boring. 

So our latest assignment was to create our very own fable using 4 animals that rarely appear in one and 1 magical object. I assume you all know what a fable is, because if you don't well Sang Kancil & Sang buaya is a fable. Sang Kura-kura & Sang arnab is a fable. Peter Rabbit is also a fable. Do you get the idea now?

My groupmates and I we chose a moose, a Tasmanian devil, a woodpecker and a ferret to star in the fable. The magical object was a unicorn horn. The title of our fable is The Lord of The Unicorn Horn, ha. Sounds interesting right? Yes it is.

My task was to illustrate all the characters in our fable, which is a task I gladly accepted. Now let me introduce them to you.

Mooz the moose, obviously.

Strong and brave, he's the main character of our story.

Woodina the woodpecker.

Mooz's bestfriend. the sub-character.
I think she's pretty self-conscious about her appearance.
I made up that trait by myself :p

Yoda the ferret hahaha Yoda.

He's the wise old ferret who all the animals in the animal kingdom turn to.
Apparently he's the reason for the adventure in our story. 

Lord Devil the evil Tasmanian Devil.

Yup, he's the bad ass bad guy and my favourite character.
That thing he's holding, that's our unicorn horn. It's magical. It can take people to the moon.

Basically, our story's about the heroes (Mooz and Woodina) trying to to look for the magical unicorn horn that the evil Lord Devil has kept hidden for so many years in order to fulfill old man Yoda's ultimate wish; to visit the moon. I feel so proud of us four (my groupmates and I) because we sound like some very creative writers with a bright future lulz. 

I would put up the fable soon when we have the proper story line on my other blog Silent Onomatopeia. As for now, characters are owned by Tiqu, Apek, Luluhana and Subo, while art and illustrations are mine mine mine mine.

Other than that, I also wrote a 200-word flash fiction inspired from Sum 41's song With Me. I am happy to tell you that this is also one of my assignments for Creative Writing subject. Yeay? Yeay!

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