Being random

I randomly found this picture on Facebook and I thought it was cute. 

I woke up from an unethical late evening nap and was asked by my roommate if I wanted to join them for a movie that night, which was earlier tonight. Critical questions like that should never be asked to someone who only just woke up from an unethical sleep. NEVER.

I went anyway, and gladly that was the most relevant decision of the day. 

I hate promoting things that I do because they always jinx me in a negative kind of way. But I want you to go read some proper things written by me instead of all the craps and rants over here in this blog. Silent Onomatopoeia is where I pour out all my inspirations and ideas plus my sketchy writing ability that I am so much trying to improve.


I wonder what would happen to Ted once John passes away? He's a teddy bear and he won't die unless somebody destroys him. I really hoped that the movie had just ended where it was supposed to end. Ha.


I found this amazing book about manga. What made it even amazing was that when I opened the book on a random page, I opened on a page that had my favourite film on it. I took that as a sign, or something. 

I still don't feel like having long deep conversations with anybody.

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