Lets talk about cats

"One day, you'll be mine and I'll be the best you'll ever have."

I don't really know if I'm a cat lover because I don't have my own cats to prove that. But I'm particularly yearning for one since like, a few years now. And I have an imaginary cat that I call Pipuk since the end of last year, which I hope will be one of mine in time, soon. 

Actually other than Pipuk there's Pixel and Kuro. They're all my future cats muhahaha I know I'm crazy. 

I don't use to want to own cats because my mom thinks they're smelly and they poop everywhere, so her ideology was brought down to me in a way. However, my love towards cute snugly things have somewhat changed my perception on that as I grow up. Perhaps I can do something with the 'pooping everywhere' part, but I'll work hard I promise.

What really made me want to have a cat of my own was when a little kitten that I was particularly fond of - which was not even mine - died. I still remembered his messy fur and his big blue eyes. His name was Comot. Among his other siblings he was the naughtiest & the most hyperactive one. Comot belonged to someone who eventually is no longer present in my life right now, and he, as I can remember, was a cat lover. So there were so many cats in his house and I somehow became attached to Comot as I visited one day and played with him. I fell in love with his playfulness and his cute little face.

The day that person brought to me news about Comot's death, I can't believe how sad I felt that I became immediately speechless. We were both in the car that night, and I surprised myself by breaking down into tears upon receiving the news. I was actually quite shocked at that time because I don't find myself to be that soft. Perhaps that night I was just sensitive and fragile, or maybe because love really makes you cry. But anyway, I was absolutely sad. 

So lets just hope my Pipuk will come soon, and lets hope I can protect him and be the best owner to him one day hihi. 

On a slightly unrelated note, I am hungry. I'm supposed to be on a diet because last week I ate too much unhealthy things. I don't know why I'm suddenly paranoid about my health, but that's what it is. I should really prevent myself from collecting too much cholesterol. But I'm hungry :(

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