I slept like a baby today, I guess. Not so, because I caught fever again. Twice in two weeks, how weak can I get! The doctor I went to last week said that if you frequently catch fever that means you lack vitamin C. So I'm planning on buying myself some vitamins to see if it works. If I told this to my dad, I know he'll say "Eat your vegetables. Veggies contain more vitamins then you'll ever need. You don't need to go buy vitamins if you eat your veggies." Ugh such a spoil sport, dad -_______-" !

On a different note, I'm writing again in my Silent Onomatopoeia blog. It's some old project of mine that stopped halfway because, well you know, because I'm me. But I have more resources now and I have been writing more short stories nowadays so I think I can keep that blog going again. Hopefully. 

I can't wait to eat sushi. I'm so hungry right now I just want loadsa food. 

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Anonymous said...

Get well soon Tiq :)