I am a dreamer

I want to write a book one day. It has been a dream that I kept since I was very young. My genre, obviously, would be fiction. Love stories don't work for me, because (I think) I'm not romantic enough lol. I tried a lot of times, writing love stories and they end up unfinished. 

Well actually, I never finish any novel I've written haha (I'm so lame). 

It's so easy to dream, but it's so hard to accomplish. 

All the stories I've written so far always end up hanging on the 50th-60th page something like that. This means that I can only write a story that is 60 page long heh. And believe me, 60 page took me like nearly 8 months to write! So if I do publish a book one day, it would be a children's novel hahaha. 

Okay, begone now you miserable heap of laziness!

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